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    BomAle reacted to breatheheavy in 20% off - Printful Commerce Integration [Black Friday]   
    If you are interested in commerce through Printful, this app is worth its weight in gold. 
    Both IPS and Printful are amazing companies, and now they're wrapped up in one shiny application!
    I worked with @Adrian A. on this app, and it was a pleasure. He really listened to my feedback and made changes that he also thought would add value to this app. There's so much potential and I'm excited to see how it blossoms.
    I did a very low-key soft launch today and already started generating sales. 
    Appreciate you making this, Adrian!
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    BomAle reacted to breatheheavy in 20% off - Hashtags [Black Friday]   
    Love this app so much! I personally see a lot of value in this. My members are using hashtags to organize campaigns on the forum and even love seeing that they can trend a certain hashtag at the top of the forum. It's super fun and engaging. The hashtags are also a great way to organize and search for related content. 
     Also, love the reporting tool in the admin panel.
    Glad to see this universal social media function made its way to IPB. Great app. 👏 
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    BomAle reacted to Amy Pond in Nexxe Theme [Dark/Light]   
    It's a very wonderful theme, it's finely  crafted, it's very light weight and fast also on mobile. Love it ❤️
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    BomAle reacted to aXenDev in Post Notes   
    The latest update shocked me. I didn't expect support for CKEditor.
    Step in the right direction! I recommend the app!
    Now we are waiting for the choice of forums for groups.
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    BomAle reacted to mi©hel in Call to Action (Popup)   
    Very good plugin !!
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    BomAle reacted to bradl in Pages SuperDocs   
    I really like this plugin/template set. I'd been struggling with what to do with a bunch of club policies and procedures and SuperDocs allowed me to put them together in a sensible and much more usable way. 

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    BomAle reacted to SJ77 in Downloads Plus   
    This is a MUST have application for anyone who is using the badly neglected "downloads" app. While much of IPB 4 is mature and robust the downloads app seems it was developed for this marketplace here and NOT developed with the same flexibility as the rest of the IPB suite.  Downloads Plus corrects this by providing many things that are needed to run a GREAT market place on your site. This mod will give you features that you need and help make downloads better at doing what it does.
    The developer is incredible. Very attentive to requests and seems to always be ready to help. Does @CodingJungle even sleep? In fact he was working on helping his customers on the day of his birthday. THAT is dedication you can trust!!!
    IF you use downloads BUY THIS APPLICATION.   THIS IS A MUST OWN!!
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    BomAle reacted to ZeeZane in Radical Tags   
    This is a really helpful tool that is a perfect replacement for Advanced Tags and Prefixes application by Ryan. The only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars is the lack of being able to have prefixes as "Saved Actions", which I believe is coming soon.
    Great stuff.
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    BomAle reacted to SRFA in Chatbox+   
    💕Just awesome! 💕
    Very complete chat app for your community:
    easy to configure (although it has a large number of features and customization options) very stable (even what's announced as "in beta testing") - no bug or crash in 1 month of intense usage floating popup: all your public and private conversations follow you when you're browsing the site 1-to-1 floating chat: users love it!! club chats are a great working tool for communities which use clubs the online list makes everyone more trustful and comfortable to chat in rooms works as fine on mobile devices and desktop very reasonable price! I have been a happy user of the Chatbox Free for two years, which is a already a very good app (especially considering it is free). At the time, I discussed a couple features I wished could be added but the (nice and reactive) developer had no plan to invest worktime on it, which is totally legit. I'm glad he changed his mind! This new version has 99% of the features I dreamt of, for a very competitive price.
    It would be nice if club chats could be added in the "rooms" tab of the global (popup) chat, and/or if the floating popup could stay even when on a full page chatroom (but I understand there are technical difficulties for this one.) Very minor flaw compared to all it brings!
    Don't wait to add this great app to your community, it is 200% worth the price! And many thanks to @onlyME for his great job!
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    BomAle reacted to mrbowers in Chat Application   
    Finally have something that’s similar to chat box that allow owners to have there own chat room for clubs. Easy to use as well. 
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    BomAle reacted to NNZF.IO in Xenon Landing theme (dark)   
    I bought this theme two weeks ago and after a few adjustments on my test board, I installed it on my production board.
    And believe me !!  This theme has been adopted by all members of my community.
    This theme is modern, the home page is visually simple.
    This theme is wonderful, one of the most beautiful theme I've installed

    Thank you so much for the work @jcdesign
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    BomAle reacted to socceronly in Dimension // ipsfocus   
    Great stuff sir.
    I was going to try and write something weirder than the other review... but it's Friday and I just want to get out of here....lol
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    BomAle reacted to Kjell Iver Johansen in User Posts in Topic   
    My users really like the ability to "split out" posts from a specific topic. This has been something we have been looking for in a long time.
    We have this threads with thousands of posts, and now my members easily can filter out the posts from one single member. It is also now very obvious for everyone if someone goes Off-Topic..
    The Plug-in works as intended, and I really recommend it.
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    BomAle reacted to Max_69 in Traduzione ITA IPS 4.x.x Forum, Core, Calendario, Converter   
    Ottima traduzione che non ha nulla da invidiare rispetto a quelle a pagamento!
    Grande lavoro e grande serietà, GRAZIE ThunderBlue!
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    BomAle reacted to mark007 in Call to Action (Popup)   
    perfect plugin - very useful!
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    BomAle reacted to Ramsesx in Staff Application Forms - Contact Us, Polls, all the forms   
    A really cool application you can do many things with. I use it as a survey system. You can create questions like "how you like our site?" Possible answers very good, bad etc. or number values. You can create a complete survey system with all possible field variations, the member can even choose a color. It's a great addition to every community. ?

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    BomAle reacted to Kevin Carwile in CJ Menu   
    This menu application is simply amazing. Up and running with zero configuration. In just a short amount of time, you can create powerful new menu structures that fold, slide, slice, and dice. Custom icons, themability, intelligent links, and automatic synchronization are just a few of the perks built into this full-featured menu system.
    Highly recommended. Great job CJ!
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    BomAle reacted to wmarcy in EasyPopup   
    onlyME delivers again!  I built an entire guest registration popup campaign around this application, and have already seen increased registrations because of it. 
    Simple install, setup was a a single switch and building each popup was clearly laid out and easy.  
    Excellent addition to your community. 
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    BomAle reacted to DSystem in SendMail Advanced   
    The name of this app is wrong !!! It should be called "Expense Restriction" 
    With it it is easy to control the sending of e-mail and thus spraying the emails per minute and avoiding blockages imposed by GMAIL, Hotmail and others.
    Now I can send my email list without having to use paid services like: SendGrid, Mailchimp and etc ...
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    BomAle reacted to AlexWright in Automation Rules - FULL   
    The most versatile application available for IPS. Can basically function as an auto-moderator in and of itself. Set content tags for folks who forget them, alert them to auto-moderator actions, and a heck of a lot more. Grade A support too. Absolutely recommended.
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    BomAle reacted to RamZz in Call to Action (Popup)   
    Awesome plugin, and very helpful person, who helped me customize my code. 
    Went above and beyond to meet my expectations!
    A must have plugin, for every forum out there!
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    BomAle got a reaction from Michael.J in Donate Sidebar   
    work also for 4.3
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    BomAle reacted to InvisionHQ in The Dev Toolbox   
    A must have app for developer.
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    BomAle reacted to PoliceBelge.com in Chatbox FREE   
    Hi @onlyME thx for this app, it's possible with diffrent rooms ? This is for use with private rooms for each club.
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    BomAle reacted to Gabe Powless in Chatbox FREE   
    Amazing product! If Kevin and onlyME did a collaboration to make separate chat boxes for each group collaboration it would be 6 out of 5 stars!!
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