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  1. I get a notification from this thread and it's not about a bug? Yes, you most definitely may make any suggestion that comes to mind I've actually considered creating this option in the past, and now that the plugin has its own custom truncate controller, it might be worth implementing. I'll try making it for the next version, if not the one after. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. There's a setting when you edit your profile, "Enable Status Updates", in my case it was off by default..
  3. Seems to be part of the stock status updates widget, as I've used its general structure. I'm already aware, and it will be fixed in the next update (option for showing the uploader). I just turned it off on my site, so it's not the same issue we had with the default Rich Text. Make sure you reload the page before trying to turn it back off, as the JS doesn't update automatically from the Block Manage view. I'll enable 0 status updates per page for the next update, though I'm not sure yet if multiple blocks of ASU can be used. Thanks for your inputs
  4. You're not alone. I'll look into fixing it during this weekend.
  5. Thanks for reporting this, will be taken care of in the next update. In the meanwhile, you can add this CSS bit to custom.css .elStatusTools.ipsList_inline.ipsType_light .ipsRep_mini .ipsLikeRep > .ipsButton[data-action="giveReputation"] { color: white; -webkit-margin-start: 0; font-size: 9px; padding: 0 3px; display: inline-block; line-height: 14px; vertical-align: text-top; }
  6. Should do what you asked. Content won't be limited by height, or to plain-text.
  7. If you still need help, you can contact me via pm
  8. That's not the only thing the plugin is good for.. Also, you could just as well head to the ACP and edit your theme's template RecentStatusUpdatesStatus, which is under core > front > widgets. Find this: <div class='ipsType_richText ipsContained' data-ipsTruncate data-ipsTruncate-type='remove' data-ipsTruncate-size='3 lines'> {$status->truncated()|raw} </div> Change to this: <div class='ipsType_richText ipsContained'> {$status->content()|raw} </div>
  9. The theme you are using might be causing some of the issues.. For instance, I can't see the 'X' icon next to the name of the member you searched, which is how you clear that box and go back to displaying everybody's status updates. Also, adding new status updates using the block does collapse the editor area back to 'What's on your mind?'. The functionality of it was taken directly from the original block.
  10. Fixed version is up, same place =]
  11. You are correct, I can see that issue over on my board as well. I will make an update in the next few minutes to solve this! Should've had you for beta anyway
  12. Yeah, didn't expect the widget title to be grey XD" The cog is a per-member settings menu... however, you can set the default content-type from the Block Manager view. I suggest you watch the demo video here:
  13. Are images working? It might be that you have Rich-Text toggled off! Take a look at the menu under the little cog on the top-right ^^"
  14. New version is out! Get it while it's still hot! Make sure you read the fine-print:
  15. No, it's not better. Also, you wouldn't be editing the file itself, really, just removing the definition that says it's an instance of reputation.. (likes)
  16. For consistency and stability sake I'm looking for a couple of beta-testers for the next version, preferably ones that the previous version didn't work for. Please contact me via pm if you're interested!
  17. May I refer you to the post above yours?
  18. Go to ACP > Themes, choose Edit HTML and CSS for your desired theme. Under the Templates tab, either search for 'error' or go to core > front > global > error, that should be the template you're looking for.
  19. I haven't tested this fully, but it does seem to work: Go to IPS_ROOT/applications/core/sources/Statuses/Status.php, you should see the class definition class _Status extends \IPS\Content\Item implements \IPS\Content\ReportCenter, \IPS\Content\Reputation, \IPS\Content\Lockable, \IPS\Content\Hideable, \IPS\Content\Searchable Remove the \IPS\Content\Reputation from it: class _Status extends \IPS\Content\Item implements \IPS\Content\ReportCenter, \IPS\Content\Lockable, \IPS\Content\Hideable, \IPS\Content\Searchable You can do the same for a status reply (Reply.php), which is in the same folder as Status.php
  20. Since most of the issues seem to be related to clashes between the stock widget, theme changes made to it and other hooks applied to it, the next version (which is due during this week) will be completely separated from the original Recent Status Updates block. The new features will include pagination of status updates and searching specific members' status updates, along with various bug fixes and interface improvements.
  21. If nothing's changed that means the widget block hasn't been cached yet. Try editing the block settings from the block settings view, even if you don't change the settings at all, once you save them the block should be re-cached.
  22. The funny thing is that it WAS v1.0.1! Thanks Robiss and Ugo, I've updated the file.
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