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  1. Hit me up via pm and we'll get this looked at
  2. Will look into it. You can filter groups who can view the widget from the ACP's status updates module permissions, under applications
  3. Hey guys sorry for the MIA, I've been extremely busy lately with switching workplaces and life. I'll be looking into fixing and improving these plugins during the next couple of weeks, so keep your heads up. That's a good suggestion, I'll look into adding that in future builds.
  4. I've uploaded a new version which seems to fix the issue of setting the default Rich Text and Profile Photo default settings. Give it a try, let me know if everything's in order. Releasing a fix to the issue was the top priority, though now I can go back to work on improving the plugin, perhaps even make it into an application. Any and all suggestions are welcome both here and via pm. Thanks for your continued support
  5. Hey guys sorry for the MIA, I've been over-flooded with work as I had to switch jobs. I will see to fixing/updating the plugin within the next couple of weeks, once I've updated my dev system to Thanks for your patience.
  6. If you would like, I could take a look at your site, that should help resolve things quickly. Hit me up via pm with the necessary details and I'll do it right away
  7. The CSS seems to be off: is how it should appear. Note the separators' size. Make sure the plugin's CSS file is not outdated, and if it is, try reverting it to the original (all available under CSS/HTML edit).
  8. Alright, I've updated the marketplace with the fixed version. Thanks for the reports guys!
  9. That's my bad, I thought you guys meant selecting the mention from the list and completely dismissed the keyboard >.<" Thanks for letting me know. I was having some difficulties with developer mode and couldn't test the profile page properly, and this is a product of that. I am currently working on fixing both of these and the update will be made today!
  10. I may have forgotten about that one, actually. For the next version then
  11. Did you try re-uploading the XML or reinstalling?
  12. No problem, and thanks for the report. The issue has been fixed and updated in the marketplace
  13. I'll look into this right away.
  14. New version has been released! Let the widgetception begin
  15. I'll consider adding this feature in the future.
  16. Not sure I'm following, could you elaborate please?
  17. Thanks for that. I'll soon update my dev system and see where is this plugin going...
  18. I've finally some time to work during this weekend, so I'll add this to the fixes list Thanks for reporting!
  19. Due to current workload the new release will be held back for a week or so.
  20. Thanks for reporting! I'll look into fixing it either way. New version will be released within the next couple of weeks!
  21. The custom formats are saved in the datastore and are retrieved directly from there. You can find the file under the datastore folder, the filename should begin with customGroupFormats.
  22. The point of the plugin is to allow changing the format just for a few members. Using the cache setting from the plugin settings will reduce any overhead queries to the database.
  23. Currently the settings for this widget are global as they dictate some of the settings for the ajax calls. I'll dwell on this some time and attempt to enable different settings for different blocks in the next upgrade.
  24. Support thread for both of the plugins:
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