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  1. This is an amazing plugin! Is this inspired by @Insydius? I saw their original topic and wondered if you'd made this plugin for them! Lol. Am glad it's on the marketplace. A few RPG forum owners have asked me if there is an IPS plugin for this and now I can direct them here! Can I post a review without purchasing? My coadmin buys our add-ons see, and we might get this just for fun lol
  2. Hehe, yes, yes they are. ^^ Also, let me see if I missed something but......THIS IS FREE?!!!!!!!!!
  3. Oh, I thought this was a widget for patreon, my bad! HOWEVER... makes me think I wanna do this instead of Patreon, lol.
  4. Exactly that! @Simon Woods, does Patreon have API?
  5. I've made a similar suggestion in the past and with version 4 becoming more familiar as a framework to people it seems like an excellent time to improve this invaluable resource in this way.
  6. Yes, this is a good idea. Since you can already assign -1, 0 and +1 it seems the framework is in already? So increasing the values should be relatively doable without having to code a whole new framework (knows nothing about coding of course lol). I imagine this was already discussed during Reactions development (maybe this is why this topic was promoted, @Joel R? Someone on the team advocated for this during development and wanted to highlight the popularity?) so one has to wonder why IPS chose not to go with it?
  7. @Adriano Faria, would it be possible to do this with Patreon to?
  8. So atm something like digital commissions (like art) cannot be advertised using this application?
  9. Yup, @ehren. does the best themes. Updates, help, bug fixes, it's just so totally awesome. Absolutely worth the price.
  10. We have attachments and gallery images on S3. We are a small site, the traffic is on the main page where barely any S3 hosted images are. So basically contact IPS via a ticket and get them to sort it then?
  11. My site made the switch to S3 last week and some of my members and myself are still experiencing broken images. Since there are those who see them I have to assume it's member side and not Amazon. So any help to remedy this? I've cleared cache, flushed DNS, restarted, etc...
  12. Is it just me and my site or does the current gallery upload name the image with a horrendous looking file name instead of the "name" I give it on my desktop? If it is not just me, is there a fix, or is this addressed in 4.2? Oh, and the improvements look amazeballs too btw. ^^
  13. Is this similar to the Pinned Posts 3rd part plug-in?
  14. Claire Field


    This is glorious...
  15. Claire Field


    I have said many times that they should hire him, he is fantastic, I love this man! Or perhaps we could give him an... award. -snerk-
  16. Thanks Lindy. Is this written down somewhere? @Jibeji, can you tell me how your needs fit within the scope of what Lindy just outlined for us there? Edit: just saw Laughter's post. This is what I was trying to ascertain from the op. And I absolutely agree with this. Some editors or troubleshooters could be employed here. This is very important too, not saying this it what happened here, it's just something I have come across as a customer.
  17. @Jibeji directly quoting from the topic you linked me to, what does this mean: Also, can anyone tell me what is the support given to IPS connect within their ToS?
  18. Cannot agree more with this, and with the OP. IPS 4 lyfe.
  19. What is your precise issue with IPS connect? What is the support given to IPS connect within their ToS?
  20. Huh... well, we are using it and I think it works? It seems to do everything you guys are saying you want it to. @Simon Woods, do we still have this enabled?
  21. I think the one we have is by @Adriano Faria and works fine! Am on tablet so cannot link to marketplace easily.
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