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  1. Hi do I add a custom profile field for discord nicks or how does it know what user to sync with? Couldn't find it in the current documentation! Sorry!
  2. Hi, I would like to make a suggestion for a future release. I recently reached out to support to ask why moderators were not able to edit profile fields in the moderatorCP. I was initially told that this was possible, however they are able to if the member has defined a value already, but not create a new value. I'd really appreciate if the ability to define a value was possible, as I would like my moderators to be able to edit a certain field without giving them access to the ACP with much more sensitive information such as emails/ip addresses. Below are some screenshots for reference: profile field's settings: https://puu.sh/uUAio/83c742c91e.png This is me trying to edit a profile on a moderator account: https://puu.sh/uUAqh/af54fb127a.png And showing that even on my admin account via moderatorCP, it’s not there either: https://puu.sh/uUApL/f600f5996a.png
  3. Hey is there any way I can get in touch with you via Sykpe or Teamspeak?

  4. A bit urgent as nobody can access forums. Thanks so much!
  5. Hey, I was editing some things on my site today, using version 3.4.8 and I've made something go wrong. I was editing the default group that is assigned in the conf_global.php file and now it seems that anyone who is not an administrator recieves the following error: Visiting the site url yields this notice and although I can still sign in with my administrator account, clicking register also gives this notice. Any idea what I may have done wrong or how I could go about fixing this? As of now no new users can register and no guests are able to view the site. Cheers Sorry, you don't have permission for that! [#1000]You are not allowed to visit this community. Need Help? Click here to log inOur help documentationContact the community administrator
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