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    Morpheusxeno reacted to Winning in What a Horrible Company You Have Become   
    I dread every support interaction with your company, it's like a Laurel and Hardy episode.
    Last week you lost some data from our cloud based forum when your SQL system went down.  The response was "that's the most recent backup we had, sorry for the inconvenience". You post a blog announcement about how great your cloud product is and have comments turned off.  I wonder why? You have no phone support for paying customers.  This results in back and forth emails for days or weeks for critical support issues that could be resolved in one 5-minute phone call. You have a ridiculous ticketing system where each response from your company does not include any of the previous emails in the chain.  Seriously? I just tried to respond to an old ticket that is a months old to get the problem resolved.  Your system instantly responds that I need to submit a new ticket.  Evidently it would be too customer friendly to allow the response to reopen the ticket, which is standard functionality in every ticket system out there. I was trying to respond to a ticket where I needed to give you several answers if I wanted to be upgraded to the newest version.  The instructions were poorly written and didn't include a single screenshot.  I could have written better instruction in 5 minutes. That's just a few....
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