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  1. Im trying to code a block, I get 2 options HTML and PHP. I want to use both HTML and PHP in a block. Is there a plugin that allows me to do this? I keep getting end of file errors etc, Ive tried to use PHP in the HTML block properly tagged, Ive also tried to use EOF in PHP blocks properly tagged. Anyone have any recommendations ? When my script is used outside of the IPB4 board, There is no issues.
    Needs many more customization to be made to fit into the forum board theme. Until these changes are made, it simply looks like youre using an iframe to embed a kanaban board. I recommend against the purchase of this product until the developer makes these changes. When these changes are made I will revise my rating. I am basing my ratings off of my wekan and Trello experiences. Ive been using both Wekan and Trello for years with projects that have over 500+ cards and 10+ users. Pros and cons which are in bold are extremely important to me. The Pros : The integration within the board is absolutely fantastic. Use of the WYSIWYG Editor is a huge plus. Card history is available directly on the card. Easy to assign users to cards, easy to tag cards. What settings do exist are straight forward. It makes it easy to change settings through the project manager. Due date for the entire board is a nice feature. The individual permissions for each specific type of team member is REALLY nice. You did a great job implementing that. The Cons: Cannot change the color of the headers in each lane ipsclearfocus.ui bug ( should be entirely transparent ) Cant see the text in the cards on some themes. Some features dont need to exist, an example of this would be the BIU bar when making cards Cannot easily delete / archive a card. There are no buttons for it? No global setting exists for setting the color of the text in cards, which on some themes makes the card appear as a white box. Clicking and holding to edit a title of a card is time consuming and should just be a quick edit to a title. I believe in supporting developers, I did so with my money, Branding of the plugin should be optional. Or clearly state your project is branded in the bottom right. Also it's 2019, If you're going to brand it put the proper year at least. The plugin is not responsive. When a page is not so wide, a scroll bar simply appears to move between the lanes. When only one project exists, Dont send the user directly to the "splash" screen where multiple projects can be selected. No option to change the picture of the project. Make it easier to select what user groups can use the board through IPS, The selection making the board private is not enough. No web hook support, When a specific event happens on the application, A message could be sent to slack or discord. All in all , I think you're off to a fantastic start with your plugin, after these changes are made I will be more than happy to use it publically on my forum. Until then., I must continue to use Trello. I fully believe you're able to make these changes and earn a 5 star review from me. I currently rate this application as a 2 star because with these issues its not graphically appealing to use this on my website. First impressions are extremely important when developing software for clients. The appearance of this plugin is a huge turn off.
  2. I am creating some module that needs information from the database, is it safe to store $servername = ""; $username = ""; $password = ""; $dbname = ""; $conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname); $conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname); if ($conn->connect_error) { die("Connection failed: " . $conn->connect_error); } $online = 0; Into a block which is loaded on the front page? If its not, what is the require path to use so I can store the DB info in a file that can be accessed by the block. I am having an issue making the block require the database info without using an absolute path.
  3. I'm looking for something that will either automatically revise a download in the download section or just a way to link the download section to that specific file. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?
  4. Thank you for the rapid support. Why arent you a staff member ^.^ Edit: Not sure why , But I am unable to click the advanced tutorial option All the other options work though.
  5. I dont see any more pages other than the introduction for the tutorial. I assumed you mentioned the navigation on mobile because maybe my screen size was small. It doesn't matter how large my browser window is, I dont see additional buttons for the tutorial.
  6. At this page, There is supposed to be a tutorial that helps recreate the release notes. I want to recreate the release notes IDENTICAL to this page. How do I do it?
  7. What the is wrong with you. I am not making a valid argument for piracy. I am simply stating the fact that if we are gonna dump a boat load of money into one of the most expensive forum boards on the web. We should get a little flexibility.
  8. Done trying, Trying to make any valid attempt at making a simple statement here that you can all understand is impossible. All your heads are too far up your asses.
  9. Totally agree hence why I purchased it, But I am not happy with the fact I have to display "faeces" on my website that I dont want. That I wasnt told I would have to display.
  10. Removed my comments since the community is very small minded. Pick apart the smallest things you say.
  11. Removed my comments since this is the absolute worst community I have purchased something from. They would rather pick what you say apart then address a simple fact.
  12. Remove this support request, I hate this community.
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