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Downloads posted by Adrian A.

  1. $14.00

    20% off - Automatic social promotion [Black Friday]

    This plugin enables your members to automatically share new topics from selected forums on your community's facebook / twitter page.
    This plugin makes use of the already integrated Facebook / Twitter handles in IPS4's core. Once they are set up you head over the plugin settings to handle the automation.
    To setup Facebook / Twitter handlers, go to ACP > System > Site Promotion > Social Media Promotion. From there you will be guided further by instructions displayed on each social media service's tab.

    11 purchases   33 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  2. $36.00

    20% off - Printful Commerce Integration [Black Friday]

    This app allows you to run a printful store inside your IPS Community.
    App requirements:
    IPS Commerce (nexus) app, this is used to process payments, so any payment gateways that you have installed will work with this app. MySQL version greater or equal to 5.7 or MariaDB version greater or equal to 10.2.23 * * The latest version of IPS doesn't have these version requirements, please check your MySQL / MariaDB version before assuming you have it just because you are running the latest IPS version.

    14 purchases   29 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  3. $10.00

    Language & Currency switch user bar in the userbar

    [Black Friday offer] Marketplace doesn't allow to set a lower price than $10 but if you are interested in the black friday offer you can get this for $8, PM me
    Moves the language and currency switches to a handy location.

    5 purchases   9 downloads

       (1 review)


  4. $20.00

    20% off - Hashtags [Black Friday]

    This app looks for hashtags used by members across your board. ( Only searchable content is being looked for hashtags so things like Personal Messages aren't included ).
    Elasticsearch support has been introduced with version 1.0.8

    6 purchases   18 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  5. $16.00

    20% off - Forum Managers [Black Friday]

    This app allows you to set permissions for members to edit and create subforums based on a category with moderation permissions (pin/close/edit topic etc...).
    Basically they can administrate forums without the need for them to have ACP access.
    They can also add managers if you allow them. (Check the images for more details of the settings)

    5 purchases   9 downloads

       (1 review)


  6. Free

    Sliding posts



       (0 reviews)


  7. Free

    Sidebar profile

    Your profile stats summarized and in reach! 😎👉👉
    * also includes recent activity!


       (1 review)


  8. $10.00

    Hidden attachments

    This allows you to hide attachments ( only pdf, txt, etc, basically no images / videos for now ). Working to implement features for photos and videos too.
    Tested only with FORUMS and CALENDAR apps. ( also with clubs and it doesn't work. )

    1 purchase   13 downloads

       (1 review)


  9. $15.00


    (1.)2.0 is here, no idea why we jumped to far but why not! 

    Demo account:
    Username: test, password: test
    Please pay attention to the ACP instruction while working with the slider!
    For the slider we chose let your work with JSON to allow you to add as many slides as you want!
    This is a example of JSON for your slider:
    { "Crankchips": { "text": "This is v1.0", "button": { "text": "Check this out!", "link": "https:\/\/www.puffysticks.com\/" } }, "Crankchips v2.0": { "text": "This is v2.0" } } This is a example of JSON code for a slider with 2 slides.
    The objects inside the first (main) json ( defined by an opened curly bracket => { ) must have this specific form:
        "Crankchips": {
            "text": "This is v1.0",
            "button": {
                "text": "Check this out!",
                "link": "https:\/\/www.puffysticks.com\/"
    "Crankchips": { "text": "This is v1.0", "button": { "text": "Check this out!", "link": "https:\/\/www.puffysticks.com\/" } } Where "Crankychips" is the title of the slide, and the object after the colon ( : ) are the properties of the slide, the first property is "text" which represents the content of your slide, the second property ( which is also an object ) is "button" which has properties too, those being "text" ( again but as property of the "button" object ) which represents the button text on which users will click to read more about your slide and the "link" property which represents the link where the users will be sent to when clicking the button.
    The title and property of every slide should be passed through an online JSON escape tool like this one!
    If you are one of the first 10 buyers contact us about a freebie. It's free!

    7 purchases   20 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  10. $10.00

    Forum custom reactions

    This allows you to set custom reactions for each forum.
    It also comes with a pack of free emotes, on the house!

    2 purchases   11 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  11. $10.00

    Sidebar steam group

    We have released a skin to match this beauty, check it out right here
    This is a integrated sidebar widget showing information about your steam group.
    The widget block has two color options that can be switched from the settings of the block, so it will fit with any color scheme you have on your theme.
    It also has some toggle options to hide/show the group description or members of the steam group.

    30 purchases   85 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  12. $10.00

    Sidebar discord server

    We have released a skin to match this beauty, check it out right here
    This is a integrated sidebar widget showing information about your discord server.
    The widget block has two color options that can be switched from the settings of the block, so it will fit with any color scheme you have on your theme.
    And it's built to fit prefectly with our sidebar steam group widget! Check it out

    69 purchases   160 downloads

       (2 reviews)


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