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    Very happy with this theme! I love the bright colors and the settings are very clear and easy to follow. So far, my forum members have all given positive feedback. I even saw that this theme came with a special setting for around the Holidays (Christmas). Very cool! I still need to figure out how to set the swipe scrolling thing, but I'll get around to that. I haven't had any contact with the developer yet, so I hope that would be positive when the need comes up. But, the look and feel of the theme is wonderful. Very happy. Five stars and a job well done to the developer for this bright, colorful theme. It is a dramatic change from the darkness theme which I had installed, and I was looking for an alternative. Very happy!
    Has anyone even gotten this thing to display, at all? I spent hours tweaking this thing and so far nothing... nada. This is going to become a weekend project. It won't even come up no matter what page I place the widget on. This is beginning to look like I just made a $34 donation to the developer because this app is DOA for me. I can't even get it to display. UPDATE: After a late, long night and a busy day doing other things, I got an email from the Developer, who was very eager and willing to help me get the app to work on my forum. I ended up sending me about a dozen or so screenshots as he walked me through the process of running the Support screen on the administration control panel, checking the system log, submitting some error messages, which showed that some files were missing during my initial installation of the app, and then uninstalling and reinstalling the app on my forum. The app worked like a charm the second time around. The developer also showed me a video which showed me clearly how to use the widget to place the app on the home page of my forum, which is what I was trying to accomplish. He was patient enough to wait for me as I worked my through the process, until I was finally able to send him a screenshot of the working chatroom on my home page. THANK YOU to the developer for helping me out and for sticking with me to the end until I got it to work. I apologize for the bad review, which I amended above to 5 stars! --Rex
    The chatbox installed easily, I upgraded from a previous version. However, the "Click here to read the rules of chatbox" - link does not work and produces "Something went wrong. Please try again." dialog where I did have text there in the previous version. This functionality is broken in the current version and hopefully gets fixed in the upgrade. It looks UGLY having this error message on my home page!!!! PLEASE FIX!
  1. I have users in the chat room every single day and I'm finding the current chat room extremely limited. I can't even find one in the Marketplace that I can buy for my version 4 forum. This is really sad. Is there an alternative to the pre-installed chat room?
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