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  1. It's fine to charge a fee to change domains, but $15 is a way too much for a 5 second task.
  2. Blunts


    The query you gave me for updating the cost of the file didn't work. #1054 - Unknown column 'file_credits' in 'where clause'
  3. Blunts


    Is there a query I can use to set a download price for all current existing files?
  4. Blunts

    [HQ] Awards

    I'm in love with the awards system. It has literally everything that I need.
  5. Blunts

    [HQ] Awards

    Yes, already did that.
  6. Blunts

    [HQ] Awards

    Just purchased, installed the addon and received this error whenever I want to view the carbinet: Fatal error: Call to a member function category_row_start() on a non-object in /mydirectory/applications_addon/other/jawards/modules_public/awards/awards.php on line 216
  7. I'd purchase it, but there's no need for me if you can't set more than one category per tab. Looking forward to this future.
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