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    Amazing plugin and it's for free! New option with avatars are awesome! Lovely update! Thank you for your plugin an great support.
    Great and powerful addon. In my opinion, the best from available addons to protect forum! Thank you for upgrade and great support!
    Great and very powerful addon. Thank you TDBF!
  1. dwbuh

    Black Friday Sale!

    1 year later, still we not have this promotion...
    Great and very helpful addon. Works very well with latest IPS! ?
    Works very well with latest IPS! ?
    Great app and for free! Thank you ?
  2. Aww, thank you! Where is that bookmark? I couldn't find it...
  3. Unfortunately it doesn't work CSS working, but not templates...
  4. Hello, After update script to IPS 4.3 Beta 3 i lost option to edit themes... i can't see anything. Anyone know how to resolve this problem? Regards!
  5. dwbuh

    Black Friday Sale!

    Are you remember about your post?
  6. dwbuh

    Black Friday Sale!

    Hey guys, what about that promotion for renew? Hello, when you can add that special renewal offer?
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