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  1. I have configured portal as my default app in the initdata.php file. If I enter '/community/forums' it will take me to the portal where I wish it to take me to forums. I want to utiilize '/community/forums and NOT '/community/index' to access forums. Please advise. /** * Default app name * You can set this in your own scripts before 'initdata.php' is required. */ if ( ! defined( 'IPS_DEFAULT_PUBLIC_APP' ) ) { // define( 'IPS_DEFAULT_PUBLIC_APP', 'forums' ); define( 'IPS_DEFAULT_PUBLIC_APP', 'portal' ); }
  2. I like the addon .. it is NEW to me. There are lot of options with no specific guidance about HOW to set it up. My comment was very clear in asking for assistance.
  3. I have started out by setting up these categories Post Badge Display Post Profile Display Post Signature Display Achievement Badge Display Main Category (DEFAULT - do we really need this?) As you can see that I am trying to adhere to the structure found when configuring each area Discuss merits of settings for these settings Show on Frontend Display Location We can take care of the shortcomings with installation details.. wont you join me please?
  4. yes, I agree. I have managed to find large collection of award icons. SLOWLY progressing... LOL
  5. I would like to go over setting up a category, adding awards, then awarding them using different criteria/options
  6. LOL .. I understand that I need to procure my own icon set .. then set them up in categories. Is there a specific category structure that needs to be configured?? Right now I have one award in the master category, the one provided by the addon developer. I want to setup all options in the addon. Thank you
  7. there is exactly one award in master category...which is not a full set. are you the author of this addon? I purchased the addon and I am requiring support irregardless how you personally feel about it. I do not require you to setup 'stuff'. If you cannot nor will not try to assist me, then I prefer that you simply ignore my posts. I am operating the complete IP.Board Suite, and I have added twenty addons purchased through the IPS Marketplace. I fully support addon developers, attempting to utilize this support forum for which it is intended.
  8. EXACTLY! what required files, and where to find them.... everything is not available out of the box so it is not so easy
  9. I need source for awards, how to setup???? Please provide example setup/configuration.
  10. does this addon already cvome with the awards??? do I need to add awards? I cannot find them.
  11. I just renewed all my licenses.. bring on the 4.0

  12. I am setup for content, please provide template editing steps to include everything else. regards, William
  13. For some reason I am not given access for downloading anymore .. please advise.
  14. I wish there were individual checkboxes for country selection.. too easy to deselect countries right now
  15. I have decided to go with the blacklist method .. what countires present most concern for blocking website access and user registration?? thank you for your feedback
  16. I have lost my authentication key, please reissue. regards
  17. I need some help here please... lets go over how to configure the LinkedIn apoplication, maybe the problem lies there. please advise. When I try to manage LinkedIn settings via my profile settings, I am immediately taken to Yahoo search with a 'page does not exist' error
  18. I am getting white page... application does not work
  19. you could always create a new usergroup with limited access and manually place them in that usergroup. It is probably prudent that it be done manually as they are already identified by the spam service.
  20. I was hoping for guide showing how to use your content database template application and to configure databases that use each of those templates
  21. thank you. I have been playing around with all the variances in the databases, noting that I would like to be able to customise CSS somehow.
  22. excellent... I would like to digest the tutorial that you are creating so that I can play around with what I already have right now. I need to have a page for the display also.. correct?
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