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  1. I love all the ideas that you all have suggested for this, I especially like the video idea! I do hope that these ideas (or at least some of them) are implemented in IP Chat for 4.0
  2. Hello all My community basically revolves around IP.Chat, being used by many all day, every day so I would just like to thank invision for creating it. As my site uses the chat so much, I asked my community what they would like to see added. Here are the main suggestions. IRC Style commands These are probably the most requested addition for IP.Chat. I think it would be sweet if it was included in the next iteration of IP.Chat. There could be commands like /kick, /ban, /message <user> etc. Group Chats What I mean by this, is there are a number of different "groups" available to join in chat, each with their own chat. think of it like private chat but with multiple people. Think of it like rooms on an irc server. It would be even better if more groups could be created (maybe even with an irc style command) and also be toggled "public" or "private". Public meaning anybody can view and join the group. Support for BBCode (and other "codes") For example, the ability to use colored text, or any other assortment of BBCodes, just like the shoutbox does. It could be argued that this could be abused by members so you could make a toggle in the admin CP to disable BBCode in chat or maybe limit to certain groups. File Sharing My community is very much based off file sharing, as are many other communities. I think it would be a great addition if a user could send a file to another person in chat, it would save a lot of time trying to upload to a file host. Voice Chat intergration This could revolutionize IP.Chat in my opinion. The ability to actually talk to people is much more enjoyable than typing. Again, this could be abused, or just may not be wanted by the community owner, so an ACP toggle should be added. Also, if combined with the "group chat" suggestion, voice chat could be toggled in each groups specific settings because I am sure if this was implemented, many people would not like voice chat on the main group. "Buzzing" if somebody is AFK, you can "buzz" them and they will hear a (unique) sound to say somebody wants them. Quite a small suggestion but it could be very useful. user "read" notification again, only a small suggestion to show if auser has read your private chat (or group chat if groups are implemented). I hope that the developers at invision take all of these suggestions into account when developing the next revision of IP.Chat, and if you have any of your own feel free to post them here. -Razzile
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