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  1. Switching to IPB

    I am implementing #5 on my website on top of IP.Content. While my site is not live yet, we feel the IPB suite is very promising - I cannot speak to how it will function under serious load/stress, but from a developer perspective, I must say I love their framework. I have worked with several frameworks in the past, (CodeIgniter, ZendFramework). Documentation on the actual capabilities is severely lacking, however, unless you are able to use their existing code as examples (which is what I am doing). Skill-wise, I would not have been able to work in this kind of a setup a few years ago, as it's definitely not "noob friendly" but if you have the talent/skillset to use it, it's a great platform for a community-centralized website.
  2. IPB Forum Tabs/Dividers

    Ahh, alright. That should still be pretty easy, even with the AJAX loading and everything...
  3. IPB Forum Tabs/Dividers

    So basically you want the ability to add select categories to the top where the 'app' links are? eg: Forums, Members, Calendar, Blogs, Pages, etc...? This really should be a pretty simple thing to pull off. PM me and I'd be willing to develop this for a fee, under the condition that a) I'm allowed to release it as a mod to the rest of the community for free OR b) I'm allowed to release it as a mod to the rest of the community for a charge...
  4. I think it would be useful to pass $type to classes that extend the admin group form, so that they can know whether it's a new group vs an edit to an existing group. This is a simple change to line 857 of admin/applications/members/modules_admin/groups/groups.php... $data = $_object->getDisplayContent( $group, $tabsUsed ); to $data = $_object->getDisplayContent( $group, $tabsUsed, $type );