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  1. ​Oh, I missed the Beta 4 announcement. That's a lot more promising then. What I meant about an ETA was a ballpark, not a date, and hoped we could get another quarter estimate. I'm familiar with software development cycles myself and know how things go, but with some inside knowledge on how development is going combined with the fact that IPS 4 is already in its fourth beta, it's really not too hard to make an educated guess. Especially if IPS is using agile, scrum, or any similar industry standard continuous integration development methodology, since it can be pushed out a bit earlier and new features added later.
  2. Yeah, I know there isn't an official ETA and that IPS Inc. doesn't want to commit to one. But is there any better information than "Q2 of 2014" (although I think this was later revised to just 2014, which is over in a week). The beta doesn't seem worth testing (for us) yet since both Nexus and Content aren't available, which is a majority of what our current site runs and where the compatibility issues will probably arise. I figured I'd reactivate the license when 4.0 came out, but now I've been sitting around with an expired version for a good six months. We want to make the migration ASAP but I'm going to be too busy to handle a migration like that in Q2 of 2015. If we buy a license now, can we expect to have IPS 4 shipped within the 6 month upgrade period? Or should we assume a stable version isn't going to be available until at least summer of 2015?
  3. I just ran into this issue and found the thread posted here. At first I thought I'd be able to fix it with some quick database manipulation, but the anchor doesn't actually have nofollow saved in the posts table. Instead, it's added when put into the cache table, which means I'd have to update it every time the cache is rebuilt. Totally doable, but man... that's not a very neat option.
  4. There are some analytics that I think would fit better in IPB than trying to setup GA to track them. These are some MySQL queries I setup for my own analytics, but I haven't made anything graphical out of it (yet). New forum posts by date: SELECT SUM(`posts`) AS posts, `date` FROM ( ( SELECT COUNT(*) AS posts, DATE(FROM_UNIXTIME(`post_date`)) AS 'date' FROM `posts` GROUP BY date ) UNION ( SELECT COUNT(*) AS posts, DATE(FROM_UNIXTIME(`archive_content_date`)) AS 'date' FROM `forums_archive_posts` GROUP BY date ) ) c GROUP BY `date` New forum posts by hour of the day: SELECT SUM(`posts`) AS posts, `hour` FROM ( ( SELECT COUNT(*) AS posts, HOUR(FROM_UNIXTIME(`post_date`)) AS 'hour' FROM `posts` GROUP BY hour ) UNION ( SELECT COUNT(*) AS posts, HOUR(FROM_UNIXTIME(`archive_content_date`)) AS 'hour' FROM `forums_archive_posts` GROUP BY hour ) ) c GROUP BY `hour` Registrations by date (Note: deleting a user completely can throw these off). I know the dashboard shows this, but it only includes the previous 7 days. SELECT DATE(FROM_UNIXTIME(`joined`)) AS 'date', COUNT(*) AS registrations, FROM `members` GROUP BY `date` ORDER BY `date` DESC Users last visit by date. Also includes users visit since date (ex: 3 days ago = today + yesterday + day before) SET @current:=0; SELECT *, @current:=(@current+a.users) AS users_total FROM ( SELECT DATE(FROM_UNIXTIME(`last_visit`)) AS 'date', COUNT(*) AS users, DATEDIFF(NOW(), DATE(FROM_UNIXTIME(`last_visit`)) ) AS days_ago FROM `members` GROUP BY `date` ORDER BY `date` DESC ) a One thing that I would really like to see, is how many inactive users (ex: not logged in for 30+ days) have returned on which dates. This would require a new table though to store last_visit values and would have to be compared on a daily cronjob. It would no doubt be useful to see if things like email campaigns are working to pull users back to the forums.
  5. I know it's been three and a half years, but I still don't see a way to deny users under 13 access. According to COPPA you must provide a neutral form (ex: full birthdate without mentioning that they must be over 13) in order to collect their age, and then you can deny them access after they have entered the information. I just don't see a built-in way to do this, unless I'm missing something.
  6. Turns out the issue was (most likely) due to an older version of curl. On CentOS the latest version is 7.19.7. I compiled the newest curl, but decided that wasn't the best route when I realized I'd have to recompile PHP as well. Thanks for releasing the source code though!
  7. It should forward the transaction after 6 confirmations, correct? Because there's been 141 confirmations and it has taken approx 20 hours without success. I sent another one an hour ago and there are 9 confirmations, but still nothing has made it to my wallet. The order is marked as Pending in Nexus as well.
  8. Two issues so far: In my javascript console: "Uncaught ReferenceError: bci_receive_payments is not defined" when clicking the "Confirm My Order" button. Bitcoins get paid to an address I don't recognize, and never reach my wallet. I'll test again today, but here was my test transaction disappearing into the nether: https://blockchain.info/address/1KiB5TxwrAe1ptJqWVNgDYXZFfdfGZyaDU I'm a little wary this is a scam (third-party encrypted plugins scare me), but I'll test it again today to see if the same thing happens.
  9. Yikes. What a response. I just wanted to let people know what happened to us, and what file it was. It's easy enough to revert back to the old file (assuming you keep backups) until a time where all of IPS can be updated. I didn't have the time to fiddle with an update, and I'm certainly not going to update on a weekend during peak usage. I'm sure others are in similar situations. Info would have been nice, but I can't really blame the devs for not back-testing a patch on outdated versions. It'd be nice to update the download page with a disclaimer though because it's not very clear with how it's written.
  10. If you're running 3.4.4 (and probably anything before), do not apply the security fix yet. The ipsRegistry.php file will break your navigation menu because it references variables that don't exist in older versions.
  11. I just wanted to note that the issue I posted on July 5th is also present in the age() function in groupjoin/libraries.php, in case that was missed. Edit: May as well paste this here public function age( $age, $member, $now ) { if( $age != "no" ) { if( !$member['bday_year'] || !$member['bday_month'] || !$member['bday_day'] ) return $this->_return( "age_not_set", 0 ); $today = getDate( $now ); $years = $today['year'] - $member['bday_year'] -1; if( ($today['mon'] == $member['bday_month'] && $today['mday'] >= $member['bday_day']) || $today['mon'] > $member['bday_month'] ) { $years += 1; } if( $age > $years ) return $this->_return( 'too_young', 0 ); } return 1; }
  12. I'm using 2.2.1, but I didn't see this change in your changelog so I thought I would post a fix. In acp_libraries.php, the function getAge shows -1 years on certain instances where the birthday day of the month is before the current day of the month. The original: public function getAge( $day, $month, $year, $now ) { if( !$day || !$month || !$year ) return array( 'age' => 0, 'age_formatted' => $this->lang->words['age_not_set'], 'not_set' => true ); $today = getDate( $now ); $_years = $today['year'] - $year -1; if( $today['mon'] >= $month ) { if( $today['mday'] >= $day ) $_years += 1; } return array( 'age' => $_years, 'age_formatted' => sprintf( $this->lang->words['age_formatted'], $_years ) ); } My corrected version: public function getAge( $day, $month, $year, $now ) { if( !$day || !$month || !$year ) return array( 'age' => 0, 'age_formatted' => $this->lang->words['age_not_set'], 'not_set' => true ); $today = getDate( $now ); $_years = $today['year'] - $year -1; if( ( $today['mon'] == $month && $today['mday'] >= $day ) || $today['mon'] > $month ) { $_years += 1; } return array( 'age' => $_years, 'age_formatted' => sprintf( $this->lang->words['age_formatted'], $_years ) ); }
  13. Is anyone having the problem where if a member cancels a recurring payment the forum will list that it has been canceled but still remain active until the end date, even if the end date has already passed? " alt="fLPQifl.png">
  14. That's what he said. He said it would be released as Teams Extended. I personally believe that you don't really have to add too much more to this to make it more socially capable while still leaving it lightweight. Adding things like comments/forum discussions pretty much rounds this out into a social groups style application in my opinion. Perhaps add Team categories so that teams can be categorized and restricting the number of teams a user may join with global limits and per-category limits. So my ideas: Enable/Disable Forum Discussion for specific groups. Team Join Limitations globally and per-category. Auto Approve Members for Open Teams. Team tab on Member profile page.
  15. Yeah some of these are things I reported like "My Bans" associates with your IP address but if you issue a ban against the target, the IP you use for the target is what it's using for the admin association, which is totally wrong. I just removed the My Bans link and I am doing without it. It really needs to make the admin associations by aid and member_id but I guess we'll wait and see.
  16. Does new user email validation have to be enabled for this to work?
  17. 3.4.4 IPB and latest Application System version 2.2.1
  18. Any idea on why the apps we accept cause an error unless we leave a message in the PM box that pops up?
  19. We're having an issue where we get an error when accepting an application unless a message is left when accepting it.
  20. Our issue was solved. Somehow two TAB characters got within the ['id'] code in a php file.
  21. We're having an issue where the "View Application" link does not work. At the end of the link it is blank, like "&application=" instead of "&application=#" Reverting ajaxApplications and applications templates do not fix it. Any idea?
  22. Yeah same here.. You'll have to wait on TeeZ to respond in that case.
  23. That's weird, I didn't get that. What version IPB do you run?
  24. Latest for both. I've solved it though. What I did was enable Display Name changing globally and disabled it on a per-group basis.
  25. Something is wrong with this. When trying to register with it, completing the registration gives a blank screen with the final details: Twitter/Facebook work. EDIT: I've figured out what causes it literally seconds later. If you disable members from choosing a display name, you will get stuck at this screen.
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