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  1. Speaking as an IPB customer: I know I'm late to the party here, but kudos to IPS for their continued efforts on resolving lingering issues in 3.4x. 4.0 sounds intriguing, but I would hope that the renewal fee is equally vested toward efforts of fixing known bugs in their latest minor point releases.
  2. Hello, Premium support appears to be a great option, but can someone from IPS elaborate on why security updates are not made available to all customers at the same time regardless of support level? Thanks!
  3. code.google.com API Access Did you update the redirect URI’s to your new domain? The redirect is probably messing it (Google) up. Also, per the Admin panel: "allowing no prompt WILL require re-association of the Account UCP area." Meaning, if you set it to forced (as suggested above), and later changed it to automatic, you need to follow his instruction in your User Control Panel.
  4. The things is — from a layout perspective — this plugin only adds a few buttons. There are some inline scripts added as well, but your page has bigger issues in its HTML source code that are not the caused by the plugin. For example, on line 182, this is used to define some inline styling: #content, .main_width { width: 75%; !important; } That is erroneous CSS. It should be: #content, .main_width { width: 75% !important; } Actually I'm not sure why that div is even inline as it's already defined in IPBoard's style.css. There are a lot of different things going on inside that page, that seem odd as well. Point is, other issues on a page often times cascade and create other issues. You're probably looking at the wrong plug-in to fix this problem. Always try to replicate in the default IPBoard skin first. If you still have problems, start disabling hooks one by one. I personally like to debug using a combination of Firefox and Firebug. Chrome and Chrome Developer Tools as well. If you view the source code of a page using Firefox, it will display all of your errors in bright bold red.
  5. There are other problems with your skin. You have a stray closing div tag at the bottom of your page. You also have an <a> tag embedded inside of another <a> tag at line 1277.
  6. Okay, I think I've researched and figured out the answers to my own questions above. However, I still haven't solved the authentication issues my users are having. Essentially, users cannot have both an active session where they have signed in via Google, and another where they are signed in with local credentials. The reason this matters: Tapatalk always uses the login/password combo they've configured in IPBoard. If users login to the desktop using Gmail, they will be logged out (of the desktop) every time they open the Tapatalk app. Members complain about this. Tapatalk caches the users local credentials, so they are always automatically signed in when returning to the app. Twitter and Facebook behave differently, by allowing simultaneous sessions. I know this can be done with Google as well, because it worked fine at another forum I used to manage. There were two major differences though. Drupal managed forum accounts, and the forum software was vBulletin. Any ideas on how to solve this problem? I thought setting up offline access via the Manage Google settings page might fix it, but that's not the case. In fact, every time the user logs off and returns to that screen, they find that offline access is no longer configured, and have to do it all over again.
  7. Hello, I'm trying to troubleshoot some login issues that may or may not be related to Google & the use of this plugin as an authentication bridge. I have some questions: 1. This hook creates several columns in the members table. google_access_token google_access_expires google_refresh_token google_pass_reset google_uid I would like to better understand these columns, and will use thee members as an example. Member 1: access_token: hash access_expires: 3600 refresh_token: 0 pass_reset: 0 google_uid: numerical string Member 2: access_token: hash access_expires: 3599 refresh_token: hash pass_reset: 1 google_uid: numerical string Member 3: access_token: hash access_expires: 3600 refresh_token: hash pass_reset: 0 google_uid: 0 Are there any anomalies to what I'm seeing? 2. There is an option in the users profile page that enables them to associate/disassociate the Google account. Upon clicking the relevant button, the page goes into an infinite loading state until the page either times out or the users forces a refresh. Once refreshed, a second push of the button works as expected. Thanks, Cory ​
  8. Perhaps I'm missing something, but it shows that it support 3.4.x. I still can't get it to work. I uploaded the PHP file to the directory specified (my admin folder has been renamed), and I imported the XML as instructed. I then used the example posted above with no luck.
  9. Hi Ryan, The download page says that the last update was on June 12th, 2013. Is it now compatiable with 3.4? Thanks!
  10. Yes, that's what I'm saying. However, I'd add there's a large population of 4.5"+ high resolution phones on the market now, and user's do not like being forced to use the mobile theme. They prefer the full desktop experience combined with pinch to zoom. In fact, most Android browsers allow the user to override a forced mobile version by configuring the browser to work in desktop mode (changes user agent). In that scenario they might show up at my site, click the link (in the header) to sign in, and the first thing they are presented with is a popup login box that's impossible to interact with. In that case I hard coded a link to the actual login page and removed the Google logon link from your sign on hook, because it does the same thing. Anyway, this isn't a fault of your hook. I was just wondering if there was a way to present it differently so I could use it in our forums that happen to be smartphone/Android related.
  11. Okay, thanks. I'm not sure if it's possible or not, but it would be great if it could display the results in a drop down like Google does it. IP Boards popups are not tablet/phone friendly.
  12. I just purchased and installed this. It appears that the popup totally replaces the ability to access the search results page?
  13. I came here to ask the same thing.
  14. One more request... would you consider adding the member auto complete look up code to the input? box? Thanks!
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