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  1. Hello, Im Iranian and in Iran webmaters cant buy license online. so they should use nulled versions. Imagine a IPB support forum which has license. 1. Does this support forum allowed to support IPBoard users who use ipb nulled and cracked versions? (if we support cracked ipb forums, our license will tarminate or deactive?) 2. Are IPB plugins and mods free for public download? (Are we allowed to public mods, plugins in our forum for free?)
  2. Im waiting to your respond bfarber. :)
  3. I see, no problem. I said product sales, because Iran in sanction now and people do not able to buy online products from some countries. I like to set up a IPB support forum in Persian language. But i would like to know what should I do to support IPB legality? Do supporters allow to release plugins in public? Does IPS group has a special rules for this case? Thank you! :)
  4. Thanks for your answer. In Iran many webmasters dont have information or more information about IP.Board and most of them are using vBulletin or other softwares. Building a support website include forum and download may useful for webmasters and users to get familiar with this software. Could we run a website that help and support IPB users in Persian language? We can cooperate in declare IP.Board to iranian users, download plugins, articles and license sales. At last, this is offer by a member of Iranian webmastes society. Regards, Saati
  5. Hello, I have questions. All the webmasters do not able to get support or discuss in the IPS community. Does IPS has different websites in other languages for support users all over the world? Regards, Saati