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  1. Kunena 2.0?

    That's what I've been keeping an eye on, problem is that Kunena just released their 2.0 a few months back and the person that had the forum before me jumped at the upgrade frustratingly so. No one has released any updates for it yet, but will jump on in the minute they do!
  2. Kunena 2.0?

    I am getting close to having the funds to switch over and had a friend try to run the converter on an up-to-date IPB forum he has and it didn't work with Kunena 2.0. Just wondering if there is any word on when it might be possible as I am really looking forward to switching over to IPB. Thanks in advance!
  3. Kunena 2.0?

    Good evening, I have just taken over a site and it is a joomla community site and they just updated their forum to Kunena 2.0. I'm guessing the current converter for Kunena is for the previous version since 2.0 is newly released. Is there any estimate when the converter might be ready for it, unless it already is? Also, is the joomla converter for 2.5? Thanks again as I really am looking forward to getting the community piece of the site moved over to IPB!!