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    Michael Grote reacted to DReffects2 in GDPR updates for Invision Community 4.3.3   
    Great update. Huge step in the right direction. ?
    There is no debate about that. That has been determined time and time again by the highest of courts in Europe. IP addresses are personal information. ?
    Thanks for the retention feature! Highly appreciated! I guess setting this to 0 days would make it fully compliant ?
    yes!! Also this would allow to delete all of member 3312s' content even if the member itself was removed.
    I am very pleased to see that IPS is finally taking action on this ? The remaining timeframe ist very very very very harsh unfortunately. 
    Two things I still miss in your blog:
    A data processing agreement Options to opt-in for each use of the comment, contact, posting feature with documented history (like you've implemented for admin bulk mails) I do miss the good old days with ikonboard. User credentials were stored unencrypted, no one cared. Better world back then ?
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