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  1. I am running the latest available version of IPB and it appears that this addon isn't fully compatible. The problems I am having is the Google 2 Factor Authentication field on the front end only appears after I have typed in my username and password and click login, it then says my information is wrong and then appears and allows me to login again. For the admin login, the google image that normally appears in the field is no longer displayed. Can you please look into these issues? Thanks
  2. So both add-on will work with each other as long as they aren't used at the same time? Do you have any future plans to prevent this? Thanks
  3. If I purchase your "Google 2 Factor Authentication 1.0.0" add-on, will it work along side of this one?
  4. Thanks for your response. Just purchased :smile:
  5. I am interested in purchasing this add-on but just had a few questions before I proceed with my purchase. 1. Does the add-on work with the latest version of IPB? 2. Is the add-on encoded? 3. Is the add-on still actively being supported? Thanks
  6. I agree with the author of this thread. The $15 domain change fee is ridiculous, because it cost IPS nothing for us to do it. We are basically paying them a convenience fee.
  7. Does this work with the latest version?
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