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  1. [HQ] Members Viewing Forums

    I still get the error message on my Board, Adriano
  2. [HQ] Members Viewing Forums

    Hello Adriano Thanks for trying to explain this - you probably know what you doing more than me. Would you be able to assist please? I am not sure what to do, and do not wish to mess things up further. I still get this "(1 Viewing) m/2008/fbml">" at the top of the main forum page Rgds Robert
  3. [HQ] Members Viewing Forums

    Sorry for the interrupt - I really like your board - especially the "PROMOTION SECTION" (directly below the menu bar); your LATEST NEWS Section; and especially how you got your forums to fill your entire screen? I'm a newbie at this. Are there plug-ins or hooks to do these?
  4. [HQ] Members Viewing Forums

    www.dogsforum.sg. PMed you a test account
  5. [HQ] Members Viewing Forums

    Hello from Singapore. I get these errors OPTIONS: Include Subforums = YES; Display 0 Viewing = NO OPTIONS: Include Subforums = YES; Display 0 Viewing = YES
  6. Download: Shoutbox

    Actually I was wondering what features there were over IP.Chat? Just wanted to make things a little livelier at my board (which discusses about dogs). Guess the only way is to download it and try it out. :sweat:
  7. Download: Shoutbox

    Sounds like a great mod, Michael. Just a quick noob question :sweat: - what's the difference between SHOUTBOX and IP.CHAT (other than the free 5 licences for CHAT)? They're both "chat" tools.