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  1. I have an expired license which I'm considering renewing for a website. It currently uses WP but I'd love to convert it from WP to IPB. Accounts, forum posts (bbpress) and content would be preferable. That and if I start using my IPBoard license can I have IPContent as the regular domain (domain.com for example) and then have the forum at a subdomain (forum.domain.com for example). Thanks for your help :)
  2. Download: (Pav32) Someone Mentions You

    Just bought this and it's great, but is there a way to make it support IP.Blog as well? I haven't tested any other apps, but does it work elsewhere?
  3. Sign in through Steam - IPB3

    Through the cpanel, not an FTP?
  4. Sign in through Steam - IPB3

    I have done so though.. EDIT: When I upload the files it changes the file size, so maybe it's not uploading everything?
  5. Sign in through Steam - IPB3

    I installed this and (Similarly to Window Live) it comes up with: "An extension required to process this request is missing. Please notify the administrator." Any idea what's wrong and how I fix it? Also when you go to "Manage Steam" on your profile it says: Also, any idea why the Steam Logo isn't on the button? Arcscraft.com if anyone needs to look :smile: