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  2. Thank you for providing this service. Please I have some questions: 1) in http://www.invisionpower.com/store/ I see that the the core of IP board 3 is the forums -$175- and if i want another App it is added in a separate extra price, and beside each extra App there is its price; but what about "Renewal"???? : beside the prices there is a price of renewal !! what does that mean ? should I pay extra money yearly to renew a license of that App or what ? And regarding the native IP board 3 -$175- is this license for life ? or it needs to pay extra money in future??? please explain. 2) the board is very nice. Can I put an extra page -e.g. "about us" / "contact us" - or a web-page -e.g. a center of uploading files (different database) to appear within the board in a new title just like "Forums, Members, Gallery">>>> "Upload" !!! Thanks again