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  1. Thanks @Adriano Faria IMO there should be a setting for that, just like we have a setting ("Allow searching") on Pages to enable/disable each database from being searcheable.
  2. Hi, If we go to the search box and click on "More options...", we are given a series of specific areas to restrict our search. I'd like to know how to remove "Products" from this list? As we don't have any product in our store (only one subscription plan). I couldn't find a setting for that. Maybe this is a bug? Thanks.
  3. @Makoto I've sent you a PM.
  4. Yeah, this is not a good option, because there are several different things that must be done, such as deleting the topics, deleting the posts, updating counters, etc. But thanks for confirming that there isn't an out-of-the box solution. I will hire the developer we use to create such plugin!
  5. Hi, How to delete all very old topics (e.g. more than 10 years old) with 0 replies from the whole community? Is there an option for that in the ACP? Thanks.
  6. @Makoto Still need your help here, thanks! 🙂
  7. @Makoto @newbie LAC and me found out a bug with this app. When this app is enabled, usergroup promotion rules stop working. The bug is here: [indisposable_MemberFilter] => Array ( [indisposable_mf_filter] => any ) /applications/indisposable/extensions/core/MemberFilter/MemberFilter.php public function matches( \IPS\Member $member, $filters, $object=NULL ) { if ( !empty( $filters['indisposable_mf_filter'] ) and ( $filters['indisposable_mf_filter'] === 'active' ) ) { return $member->isDisposable(); } if ( !empty( $filters['indisposable_mf_filter'] ) and ( $filters['indisposable_mf_filter'] === 'inactive' ) ) { return !$member->isDisposable(); } return FALSE; } $filters['indisposable_mf_filter'] is any So the method return FALSE and the rule won't be triggered. I had to disable your app for now so usergroup promotion works again.
  8. @Makoto We have been using your app for quite a while now and today we need to set new prefixes to certain forums, but I simply can't find the tags tab in the forums configuration screen. I have uninstalled AT&P a while ago since we were not using it anymore, so I don't know if that is the reason this tab vanished. Please advise. This is the screen I am looking for and can't find:
  9. Hi, We have forums as the main application, so when we open www.ourwebsite.com we see the forums index page. However, we also see the same page if we open www.ourwebsite.com/forums/. Is there an easy way to redirect www.ourwebsite.com/forums/ to www.ourwebsite.com? Is that recommended? Thanks.
  10. @Matt If I click on any IPS article, it gives Interesting enough, if I link it first here and a preview is generated, then I can open it.
  11. Moderating communities using smartphones isn't practical at all. But if this is something you need, I'd suggest you to open a topic in the Feedback & Ideas forum.
  12. @BOFO This topic is really old. Since then, IPS has added this feature. Simply click and hold the topic title and you will be able to edit it from the front-end.
  13. @Makoto Many thanks for adding the Saved Actions feature, it is now "perfect" for us here! 🙂 One small note, though. After upgrading, the support tool complained about the database structure. I ran the auto fix and it worked just fine. ALTER TABLE `radtags_tags` ADD COLUMN `tag_text` VARCHAR (255) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci NOT NULL DEFAULT '' COMMENT 'The tag being customized';
  14. Hello, When we have Pages installed, we have the options to set the comments for each article as a topic, which is great. However, these comment topics don't have the "Merge" action enabled. This would be great to have, because from time to time we see users posting comments about articles as new topics, and we need to merge these new topics with the comment topics that already exist. Thanks
  15. @bfarberThanks, I was afraid of submitting a ticket because we have too many third-party apps installed. Will do and reference this topic.
  16. Hello, The cleanup task by default runs once a day. Here with us, since we have a huge community, this task always lock (times out and isn't finished). We fixed this by changing the default frequency to every 12 hours: P0Y0M0DT12H0M0S Everytime we upgrade the platform, however, this configuration is lost and we have to remember to reconfigure this. So, my suggestion is to make the default cleanup frequency 12 hours instead of 24 hours. Thanks!
  17. @Makoto What we need here is a shortcut to remove prefixes, so when our moderators move a topic that has a prefix to a different forum that doesn't use prefixes, they can easily remove the prefix that was applied. Thanks.
  18. @Makoto Could you please add a feature that was present in AT&P and that is missing in Radical Tags? The "Remove Prefix" saved action...
  19. Hi @newbie LAC Thanks! My bad LOL. Since AT&P is abandoned, we migrated to Radical Tags. I will ask @Makoto to add this feature!
  20. Hi guys, Is the "remove prefix" saved action gone? Cheers.
  21. @Stuart Silvester It was a caching issue here... LOL Running the support tool a second time fixed it. Many thanks for your prompt reply.
  22. @Stuart Silvester The patch made available running the support tool fixed the default date fields, however the bug is still present in custom date fields. I opened a ticket explaining this in more detail.
  23. @Stuart Silvester @Chris027 @Martin A. Just to let you guys know that we are facing the same issue here. Times are now in UTC, and as our server is configured as UTC +3, all times appear shifted 3 hours. Many thanks confirming that this is a bug and you are fixing it.
  24. @Makoto Don't forget about the small issues I reported to you in private. We are still with this app disabled and using AT&P because of that... 😕
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