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  1. @Adlago I simply added loading="lazy" to img tags from reactions, user photo, and custom blocks/templates from cms. Working like a charm here. BTW user count accessing our website using Safari is currently only at 6.86%.
  2. Thanks @SeNioR-. BTW I simply updated our themes to use the default font, this way we don't need to load these fonts from Google in order to improve page load performance.
  3. Added lazy loading to users' photos, reactions, and custom cms templates. This fixed one of the issues listed in our report.
  4. After researching about this, browsers have now native lazy loader. We only need to edit the templates to add: loading="lazy" To all img tags. I edited the following templates: core > front > global reactionBlurb reactionLog reactionOverview reactionTabs reputation userPhoto userPhotoFromData This enabled lazy loading for user photos and reactions, and the "Defer offscreen images" warning from Google Lighthouse is now gone! 🙂 (I also made the same edit in my cms custom templates)
  5. Score for invisioncommunity.com is really low as well: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https%3A%2F%2Finvisioncommunity.com%2Fforums%2F Did small fixes here and there, but I see that "Eliminate render-blocking resources" could be a place to improve. https://web.dev/render-blocking-resources/ @Mopar1973Man See how our CLS was completely fixed after we added a height to the Google AdSense tags here:
  6. CloudFlare has its own setting for this: I configured it for 1 year and now it is working as you suggested, Many thanks. 🙂 @Adlago I had to move the preload link for the fontawesome to the <head>, because at the bottom Google Lighthouse wouldn't recognized it and would say that I needed to preload it, even though the preload tag was present.
  7. Just bumping this to say that I've been trying to optimize our website with Google Lighthouse, and one of the suggestions is that we enable lazy loading for the user uploaded avatars. See below. So +1 for enabling lazy loading on users' avatars.
  8. Hello, Evaluating our website with Google's Lighthouse, I came across this: This was easily fixed by editing core > global > framework > fonts.css and adding: font-display: swap; To @font-face { I recommend adjusting this in a upcoming release. More info: https://web.dev/font-display/?utm_source=lighthouse&utm_medium=devtools Thanks.
  9. This should be easily fixed by adding a <div> with height parameter around your Google AdSense code: <div style="height: 250px"> [your google adsense tags] </div> Thanks @Mopar1973Man and @ptprog for all the pointers. I will take a look into all that was said and get back to you. All I need now is some spare time... LOL
  10. @bfarber Thanks for the pointers. I actually realized that we shouldn't ban the users with 1-4 points, just restrict their content, and ban only with 5 points. See the new configuration in the screenshot below. That said, isn't it redundant to have three options (moderate content/restrict from posting/ban) for each warning point? IMO, we should be able to choose only one of the three for each point. (That's where I got confused.) Maybe this is something that could be improved in a future release? Because it doesn't make sense to set more than one option for each warning point. Thanks! 🙂
  11. Hi there, Currently we have the configuration below. The issue our moderators are questioning is this. If we give a user his second warning, he will be restricted from posting for 7 days. If, however, within this period we give him another warning (his third, in this case), the system doesn't add the remaining number of days from the previous warning to the new number of days. For instance, if the user gets his second warning today, and later today he gets his third point, he will be restricted from posting for 15 days instead of 22 days (7 days from the second point + 15 days from the third point). Is this the intended behavior? Is there any workaround? Thanks in advance.
  12. @ptprog Many thanks for your pointers. I added woff2 files to the list and increase the cache to 1 year as suggested. Can you please tell me which tool to use to check these cache expiration durations? This way I can check if the changes I made worked. As for the server response time, I don't even know where to start. One issue is that we have to load advertising banners, and these usually take a while, increasing the page load time.
  13. Hi, Our moderators are asking that whenever a post is marked/unmarked as solution, this action to be recorded in the topic log, so other moderators can see who marked that post as solution (e.g., was the topic's author or another moderador?) Thanks.
  14. @AlexJ Please open your own topic; your question has nothing to do with my topic here.
  15. Hello, One issue that I noticed today is that when someone clicks on the "Subscribe" button at our subscriptions page (/subscriptions/), a new invoice is ALWAYS generated. This way, we end up with TONS of unpaid invoices created by guests... See below: Right now, we have 106 pages of this. IMHO, the invoice should be created only AFTER the user commits to pay. Cheers.
  16. @Morgin Got it. As mentioned above, I disabled it. Thank you very much for coming back and detailing the issue! 🙂
  17. Thanks @Ryan Ashbrook for detailing what @Morgin mentioned. I will disable it "just in case".
  18. Thanks, the majority of errors are coming from mobile. Yep, done that. That was exactly what was shifting the layout. Now I just need to wait until Google validate these changes. Thanks! 🙂 Really? What do you mean by "breaks IPS" exactly? Could you be more specific? Because we are using Rocket Loader for quite some time now and haven't seen any issues with it.
  19. @Adlago Many thanks! It is great that I can enjoy your experience!
  20. @Adlago Many thanks for this tip, done that. I will investigate a little bit further every day, I made saveral small adjustments and fixes during this weekend. Let's wait and see how the metrics react to them. I was just wondering why adding the font awesome preload at the end of the page and not at the start... https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Preloading_content
  21. It seems these FCP/LCP issues are being caused by the advertisement banners we have on our website. I made a few changes, but will continue investigating this further in the coming days. Thanks.
  22. Fixed all that I could. There are still errors caused by: (1) Cloudflare's Rocket Loader (A script element with a src attribute must not have a type attribute whose value is anything other than the empty string, a JavaScript MIME type, or module). I am not sure if there is anything we can do about those. (2) Group Name Indicator plugin, which the developer has just fixed for us and we are waiting for approval at the marketplace. I will take a closer look at the FCP/LCP metrics tomorrow. Pointers are welcome. Thank you for your help! 🙂
  23. @Adlago Thanks, will work on that and get back to you as soon as I finish this. Meanwhile, I was wondering if the CLS errors in Google Core Web Vitals were being thrown because of the IPS Lazy Loader feature.
  24. Ops, forgot the most obvious... LOL https://www.clubedohardware.com.br Many thanks! 🙂
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