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  1. But my problem here is that you are still continuing to develop this product denying me access to something that I specifically paid for. That was taken directly off a copy of your site from March 2006 when I purchased my license. It doesn't matter what structure you come up with if you have any version of Invision Power Board available on your site I am always entitled to be able to download it. If you are offering a version of Invision Power Board my license is compatible with it. I already purchased the product. You have nothing to do but deliver the software as you agreed to in 2006. It doesn't matter when I purchased the software because there was no limit on the term of my license. My expectations are simple: You need to deliver what was promised in the license agreement and presented on the sales form when I purchased Invision Power Board in 2006. I don't expect a lifetime of everything IPS does. I purchased new software in the past that was in addition to Invision Power Board and I have never expected to receive those for free. I have also offered to pay for the new hosted services you offer but was denied because I didn't have an "active" license. The only thing I'm asking for you to offer is what we agreed to in 2006 and at the time you were willing to offer all future versions of Invision Power Board for a set price. Right now you are not delivering on that offer which as I said before is unethical at best.
  2. So I should be happy they are screwing me less then they could? Right now I am locked into unlimited upgrades and $30/year support if I want it. I would happily pay a fair price over $30 a year for support if they would throw in the hosted services but they gave up on even trying to offer us that years ago. There is also no guarantee that the price won't go up next year and I paid extra years ago to not have to worry about that. You don't find it wrong at all that they are basically separating out the core components that have always came with IP.Board and denying access because it is a "new" product? They have no problem upgrading all the newer licensed customers to the new version without making a new purchase so the structure can't be that different. They are at best using a loophole to get out of these licenses and that's the part that I find unethical. At this point I have absolutely no confidence in IPS to ever deliver on anything they agree to. I can say the same thing about people that blindly follow a company without knowing all the facts. You have nothing to lose here so I don't know why you're defending them.
  3. Take a look at how you marketed the software in the past: http://web.archive.org/web/20060314024501/https://www.invisionpower.com/customer/order.php?shop_cat=1,3,4 The lifetime component was the entire reason to purchase the higher tier. We paid extra (180% at the time) just to get lifetime upgrades and it's a bit insulting to imply that everyone with these licenses have been "getting something free". Maybe you should take a look at Kayako. They are still accommodating all their lifetime and unlimited staff purchasers despite switching to a much more expensive subscription model. You can argue all that you want that what you are doing is legally right and maybe that's true but ethically you guys are in the wrong here.
  4. That's the whole problem I have with this situation. I have yet to hear an excuse to why this can't be done except the costs that are involved, which we have well addressed. This isn't the typical "we feel we are entitled to this" post and I feel our suggestions are very reasonable and should be at least considered instead of getting a cookie cutter response.
  5. The perpetual license in March 2006 included lifetime updates for IP.Board and support was (and still is) renewable every six months for a price. At the time there weren't any of these addons and the license made no mention of them coming in the future.
  6. At the time there were two package choices: yearly and perpetual. I did buy the "biggest" package. I did read the license before I purchased it. (I still even have a copy of it.) It doesn't mention anything about something like this happening. If it did, I might have reconsidered.
  7. I'm not asking them to just give them to me. I just don't want to forfeit my current license to be able to pay for them.
  8. I mean no disrespect towards you, but this just seems unacceptable to me. I fail to see how this makes the system any more or less messy because we're already seperated out for support.
  9. How weren't we? When the purchase was made you said that we would be both licensed to use the software and receive updates for the life of the product. With how you have everything worded now you make it seem as if we are not under a current license (you throw around stuff like not being an "active customer" and "active license holder" and there is even an exclamation point in my Admin CP like there is something wrong with my license) despite the fact that we paid for the board just like everyone else did and have what I would feel is an "active license” (I would say that the opposite of active is inactive which would imply it is no longer valid). I can't speak for anyone else but I honestly can say that I feel betrayed. I'm not trying to rip you off (see below). I just want to be treated like every other one of your "active customers" who all support and like your product and have the same opportunities that they do without giving up my current license. This is reasonable and they shouldn't be included as part of the license as a free upgrade. These services are done on your servers which cost you money to maintain. However, why doesn't an active perpetual license holder like myself have the option to pay for those services like a new customer? I paid >$149.99 and am willing to pay $25 every six months, so it's not like you have the excuse of losing money on the deal. If we stop paying, the additional services should stop just like for everyone else.
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