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  1. Version 4.5.3


    Українська: Повний Український переклад Invision Community 4.0.x - 4.5.3. Повністю перекладена Адмінпанель та публічна частина. Модулі: Система Блоги Форум Календар Магазин Файли Сторінки Галерея Конвертер Умови використання: Будь ласка, повідомляйте про будь-які виявлені неточності перекладу якомога швидше; Заборонено поширювати або перепубліковувати цей пакет в іншому місці. Переклад буде оновлюватися разом з виходом нових версій продукту. Перевірити оновлення перекладу ви завжди можете тут: https://forum.gateintogam
  2. Administration, so you add it to to do list?
  3. Lol LinkedIn very large social net too For Russian-speaking people also need ease of use
  4. Linkedin integrated but vkontakte no? Its not right. Close offtopic
  5. Module do changes in BD and one time i have trouble with update Vey need from box... Please help me, rate this topic
  6. But it would be great if the login via VKontakte add to the distribution, so as not to put different crutches. Very big request from the Russian-speaking communities. We are people too
  7. Only for russians??? Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Azerbaijan etc....... A lot of countries!!! And 15min for developers! Why facebook and no vk??? Very many communities and peoples!
  8. And why login from Facebook in BOX but login from Vk sold separately for the money with future problem with updates? This is the most common Russian-speaking social network, it should be out of the box
  9. This forum is only available to those logged in with a client account. But i logged. You not understand me. IPB has many login methods, but not has login from vkontakte (vk.com). Many communities VERY NEED that from BOX.
  10. Hello my dear friends.I wanted to ask you add in future versions of the opportunity to login from the social network VKontakte (vk.com). It is very important for Russian-speaking communities. Its very need in "box". All 3rd party modules dont work normally or stopping works after updates.
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