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  1. Classifieds

    Andy, I just upgraded and I get a screen that looks like this now when i add an ad. That condition field is causing issues. any ideas on why? OK on edit i found it in "listing form" & commented out the lines. I have a custom field for condition further on anyway
  2. Classifieds

    Andy, I just upgraded and I get a screen that looks like this now when i add an ad. That condition field is causing issues. any ideas on why?
  3. This is not a huge deal, but I am noticing the RSS feed from the calendar, while to truncating expired events from the top of the list , adds them to the bottom. This is not the case in the right hand event display on the forum home page. Look at this forum The calendar function is adapted to provide another function other than the calendar. Anyway you can see events on the right that are outdated do not appear. Now look at this site which receives an RSS feed from it. If you scroll down the tight hand list, you will notice it is receiving expired events at the bottom.
  4. Calendar needs List View

    Doesn't it already exist? Use view new content, select calendar & the time period. You can create a link once you have done that if you wish. I use Fusion to create a navigation button for this function.
  5. Classifieds

    That is great Andy. One more thing to help sell the website idea on them. Thanks
  6. Classifieds

    Andy, I live in a housing complex that is very active & social & they have asked me to present a proposal for a website for it to our homeowners committee. I have build a demo site and it will be split into 2, a public part & private part. IPB is ideal for the private part and I also want it to include classifieds (yes i will buy another license for that & the IPB). I have to make a presentation on Thursday. I can see a possible issue with privacy concerning the classifieds. The demo site is at http://crown.vancouver.hm , press the residents only button to see the IPB. You will notice the classifieds right hand hook is visible to guests. With the calendar function I have the option to make it not appear to a guest, using permissions, well at least the actual listings, if not the header (Events). I was wondering if this is also possible with classifieds. If so, I cannot figure out how to do it. Is this something you may want to consider incorporating?
  7. Classifieds

    He does for the most part.
  8. Classifieds

    Andy says this issue will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime I downgraded back one.
  9. Classifieds

    I am having the same issue with price & error codes, Andy. Re downloading did not help. After getting complaints I overwrote the files with 11000 and it works. If you like I can install 11000 on an identical forum, with no classifieds, and upgrade it to 110001, and see if the problem will duplicate and let you look at it.
  10. Classifieds

    I confirmed this was the impression that some listers had & they were pressing this button. I changed the language bit so the button now reads "Close Item (Press when Sold)" I would suggest changing it , Andy. It is probably happening to others & unless they are getting notifications of ads placed they will never know it. Obviously the red X is not enough. To others, just go to the languages section in the ACP & do a Search for "Close Item" and modify it, the button will expand to accommodate.
  11. Classifieds

    Anyone notice a tendency for ad placers to press the "Close Ad" button? It has happened twice this week to me. I think people may be assuming they have to press it upon completion, to finish off their ad. Maybe it should link to a page saying. Are you sure? This action will make your ad invisible and is designed to be used once your item is sold. I have put a notice at the bottom of the ad placement page under price to alert people. Of course you will never even know people have done that unless you are set up for notification of when an ad is placed or have an RSS feed, since even admins cannot see closed ads..
  12. Classifieds

    I just knew it was right in front of my face. Thanks Andy
  13. Classifieds

    De Nada. It does bring up a useful feature. That would be a button on the display page visible only to admins and/or moderators to list Closed ads. What seems to have happened is a poster accidentally closed his ad rather than press follow. Had I not got notification he had placed one or it showed up in the RSS feed, i would nave never known it was there.
  14. Classifieds

    Andy, how do you get more than 5 items at a time to show on the right hand bar? I suspect its something obvious, but I'm getting senile.
  15. Classifieds

    Andy, I have 6 ads on my site but only 5 are showing, except in the RSS feed. I then discovered the missing one appears to be closed since I can see the the open item button when I follow the RSS link. I have emailed the poster to see if this is an accident. However it does expose a possible bug and that is closed ads are being sent out over the RSS feed, which I don't think you want to happen. See http://www.truckcamperforums.com/index.php?/classifieds/item/20-2007-okanagan-117dbl2006-chevy-duramax/ if you get a chance before he fixes it. You can see the RSS feed on http://www.truckcamperads.com