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  1. So I am assuming I can still post in here ... Does anyone know the html/coding to put in to get the drop down affect? I have figured out drop down boxes, but I cannot figure out the drop down navigation, >_>
  2. Thanks for the feedback and apologies on the late response on my part, I've been busy elsewhere on the net as well as in real life. To address the general questions of what this "hacker" did, well I'm really giving him too much credit to call him a hacker - as far as I can understand it does seem he's been cracking passwords, but the issue it is of the owner he's doing it to. All I can say with certainty is that the fellow is quite able to compromise the owner's handles and passwords. This fellow has gained access to the owner's facebook, AIM, MSN, and gmail. Thing is, he's only ever compromised the owner's stuff - never another members. What he's done in the past has just been a slew of alt accounts - thirty thus far and counting - but recently he's been able to gain access to the Admin cPanel. He actually banned me then reinstated me as a member stripping me of my Admin status. He's even been able to unlock, approve, and move a closed unapproved thread back into the open after I've locked and unapproved it. Without showing anything in the cpanel logs. The real rub is this individual lives in the same area as the owner and is a massive stalker of said owner so tis quite possible he had gained physical access to the owner's comp, which is creepy. This is Ireland where they live, I live in the states, and the guy took the trouble to actually call me and inform me if the owner had anything to do with the new site I open, he'd plague it as well. -___- I've been advised to buy a license and buy separate hosting to host it on (Hawk Host actually) but I just wanted to double check with advice and the like. I've used IP.B before, but from a hired-on admin point of view and I don't know coding .. at all. =/ I just want to do right by the community and staff I've acquired and provide a safe and enjoyable foruming experience for them - sadly I'm not that great with this sort of stuff and need outside help. So, that question about a site owner - I understand it was broad, but its also because I literally know nothing so even the basic tidbits is what I'm inquiring of. Still, broad questions are difficult to answer, I understand that, so I'll try being more specific. -Can illiterate, no-good coders manage being a site owner and handle things? ... Actually that's about it, XD I thank you all for your time given to answer my questions, truly, =] And also apologize for the late response, again.
  3. Hullo, Currently I am a head admin for a growing writing forum for young writers and am quite familiar with IP.B because our forum has a license for 3.0 I do believe. At any rate, the forum will be closing soon because the current owner has lost the wind in his sails as well he lacks the desire of selling it to anyone. However, because the community that has grown there is quite strong, there is the discussion of a branch-off forum starting up for the community to move to. I quite like IP.Boards, in fact I'm rather spoiled to it to be honest. Though I'm utterly dull in the head when it comes to any sort of coding, therefore I was looking at the packaged hosting deal. There is, however, one pressing question I have. The reason the current site will be closing is because we've a cleaver hacker that's slipped through the database. Granted, I do believe the site is hosted elsewhere and not with IP.Boards, but I wanted to know how secure the security was and if I'd have need to worry about this pest wreaking havoc if I bought a packaged deal and started up a new site. Also, if by chance any would give advice on things I'd need to know as a site owner or the like. Any help is much appreciated and I thank any for their time in advance if they choose to stop and respond, Regards, Sk8