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  1. Hi, Is there a option in ip board to make the registration invitation only? Thanks you.
  2. Is there a feature for blog posts as "promote to article"
  3. Is the portal gone from 3.2?

    When we can have next major update of IP.content?
  4. Hi, Apologies for my bad English. I have a community driven article web site. Currently Im using wordpress. I feel I can grow the community if I use ip board+ Ip content.I tried the demo provided. I'm OK with IP board but could not understand much about IP content. I need to get clarified about following facts. Suppose members write and save articles and then administrator publish them. Article star rating system 4. is it possible to expand the number of stars to 10? 5. can I have a blocks / areas in homepage that has articles sorted by its ratings ( this week top rated and all time top rated)? can all the modules in IP content run on nginx? Please give your feedback if anyone have any experience with my above requirements, Thank you. [*]Are members able to keep their articles as drafts and save/publish after they finish it? [*]once a member save(for review) an article, is that particular member can see the current status of his article while publishing? [*]Is there a way that user and admin/moderators get notifications when save/publish an article?