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  1. File Name: Dissolution File Submitter: Zerker24 File Submitted: 04 May 2011 File Category: Skins This skin was made by Zerker Mafia from SaviorGames. This skin includes the skin, a imageset made for both gaming and other, and the gaming images I used. NOTE: I did not make the images for non-gaming, they are the default images from IP Board. This skin works for IE, Chrome, FireFox, and Safari. This skin does work with opera and other non-css 3 browsers, but there are bugs I have not fixed yet. This skin also includes MOTD(Message of The Day) compatibility. Below is a tutorial on how to install the MOTD. Tutorial on MOTD 1: Go to your admin CP. 2: On the system tab, click on system settings in the left hand menu. 3: Click the "Add New Setting Group" button at the top. 4: Use the following information to fill out the form. 5: at the bottom, under Import XML Settings, hit choose motd.xml. 6: let IPB import the settings fot the MOTD. 7: go to the Zerker's Custom tab to change settings. 8: Your Done :) Click here to download this file