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  1. I am not a big fan of companies that charge extra for PRIORITY support & then tell us that if we want faster service, we need to pay for it, especially when part of the renewal of license is supposed to allow us that support . When we renew our licenses, the whole idea of that renewal is to get support, to actually be told that we can always pay extra to be put ahead of the rest who have already paid money to renew their board is simply appalling I submitted a simple query re transferring my license days ago, knew about delays with new release out etc, but considering my request was account related rather than board or technical, I would have expected to hear back within 48 hrs, it's now been well past that & my ticket has miraculously disappeared from the client area
  2. Great addition to my site, members are going to love this. Thank you
  3. Considering Photobucket automatically gives the user the full Tag in both BBCODE & HTML allowing a member to simply copy & paste makes it so much easier, they also have the option for just the url without tags so they can insert themselves
  4. Thanks to the first person to reply to this topic for pointing me to it http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4395-improved-avatars/ it works well, finally allowed my members to use Photobucket again
  5. Thank you for your reply bfarber, as I said though, why couldn't we as Admin of our own sites decide whether re enable / disable features instead of have them completely removed as i mentioned in another discussion, my site relied on the avatar galleries as we have a fan community & have a few people (around 25%) of our members who don't know how to create an avatar & they relied on our galleries which our members who did create them added every year through competitions in order to keep them fresh now all that hard work by our members has been thrown out the window by IPS's decision to simply remove the feature I thought maybe I could re add the avatars to my IP Gallery as an Avatar folder & let people use them from their but am disappointed that this option is not available to me as well currently the way it is set up would mean I would have to host them in Gallery, the member would then have to save a copy of the image from gallery to their computer & then either upload it to my server meaning I then have duplicated images on my server or upload it to Gravatar some of my community aren't the best when it comes to explaining how to do such things so as stated, IPS has just made my community a lot harder for around 25% of my membership as I have already received requests of help from numerous members asking how they can get their avatar back, now I manually have to go into admin to see if I can set one up for them through their account thankfully because of the hook mentioned above I now can use Photobucket again but it is disappointing that every time the board goes through future updates i have to wait for other hooks & features to be updated in order to use them because these options are no longer in the default installation
  6. totally agree, the removal of this feature has wiped out 6 years of hard work from my creative members in helping those who aren't Confident in graphics. our fandom had competitons every year adding 25 avatars to our galleries which members who weren't able to create such items were excited & happy to use, now IPB have stripped these members from being able to do this because they feel everyone should use Gravatar or upload their own, absolute incompetence on their behalf. They obviously don't give a rats arse re these kind of people. Thanks IPS for ruining my community which has built up over the past 6 years like family, we help each other but IPS obviousy couldn't care less
  7. Over the last 6 years of using IPB I have never encountered this issue & this still doesn't explain why they removed the Avatar Gallery? The Avatar gallery was maintained by my mods who happily uploaded thes to my server NOT a remote third party server & therefore all those were served by my site & wouldn't break the site yet IPS in all their wisdom decided to get rid of this? Why? bfarber said himself in another thread that he is used to people using IPB for their Fan sites not like Facebook yet now we have been denied the use of a Gallery specifically catered to our Fandom for those who had no knowledge of how to create an avatar & some members also who weren't the best with technology who happily had the option to simply select an image from our site to use, waas so easy but now IPB have made that whole process a damn lot harder by forcing us into using what they want us to use rather than what was appropriate for our community, talk about removing the rights of an Administrator using their own forum
  8. yes but my ticket was why the Avatar Gallery was removed & why the Topic descriptions were removed, my members used these features all the time & to only receive the above reply after requesting an explanation is just outright disgraceful service I have been running IPB for over 6 years & you would think paying renewal support fees every 6 months over that time for Ip Board Gallery & Blog plus the original purchase prices for each would warrant a better standard of service & reply
  9. Well looks like IPB have lost a customer I sent a reply to my original ticket asking why no survey etc went out to members & why these were removed only to receive this from a Jason Hannah It appears even support can't be bothered giving people answers so I am through paying for a product that the company refuse to assist or acknowledge their mistakes I consider this response as down right rude & arrogant & the fact that every post I have made re this has gone unanswered by the mods or developers, obviously interested in only answering questions from their regulars rather than the select few who very rarely visit these forums says it all
  10. What else amazes me is that I also own a Gallery License yet why is there no option to allow members to use a photo from the galleries as their profile pic? would have expected these all to interlink? If we can't have an Avatar Gallery anymore then why can't I create my own Avatar Gallery in the gallery software & allow members to use these??
  11. Thanks very much for this, at least with this they can still use Photobucket. just can't believe that they would completely remove features rather than allowing us to enable / disable them. we pay for support licences so we can continually benefit from bugfixes & updates yet they remove some key features & then expect modders to go out of their way to recreate what we already had & therefore force us into paying extra for those same features which were originally there. As I originally said, stepping backwards is not a good thing for software developers but thanks for the link, at least it gives me what IPB took away The part I find ridiculous about this is someone saying it's about external images & security? um... well we still link externally to our Sigs which are hosted with PB (Which better never change) & we allow people to insert links using bbcode on the forums so what difference does it really make to remove this option in the first place?
  12. My community is a FAN site which has been using IPB software for over 6 years, we found it to be perfect for our community needs however the new 3.2 has ruined part of our community as the software is falling below our needs rather than improving them. I sent a Ticket to ask how I can have Third party Hosting for our members Avatars & how my community can have the Title descriptions returned as we used this feature all the time & why the Avatar Gallery was removed. Our Fan community often have competitions in creating themed Sig & Avatar combos & have always used them on Photobucket which they could share everywhere, they can still host their sigs form there but not the Avatars The idea of uploading them to my server is stupid as it just clutters up my server and basically I'd have to clear out unused images that just remain there after members update / change their avatar again only 3 months ago my Community created 25 new Avatars which were placed into our Avatar Gallery for members who didn't have graphic skills etc so that members could use them & now I regret updating to 3.2 because these images have now disappeared as their is no longer an option for it I wrote a Ticket to IPS re this & all I received was That didn't answer anything just told me what I already knew & that is these options are no longer available. I keep seeing posts that many IPB owners don't even visit these forums yet apparently this is what people wanted? why was I never informed? where was teh survey? This is just appalling & sory IPB after spending so much money on this software over the past 6 years I am about to walk to the competition, I can't believe you would shaft your members like this without any good real reason at all. As I asked in my reply to the ticket, What is Gravatar paying IPB to only use them? simply appalling & I wish I hadn;t upgraded now, even though I have paid for the right to do so & the right to use the new features, the removal of the abve instead of allowing Admin to simply toggle these features etc on their own boards is a step back in time for this software & that is unfortunate Ever heard of don't fix what isn't broke? just appalling
  13. Probably not, they probably expect Guests to set their browsers to do all the work for them, so we just need to hope all guests set to not see them
  14. My other issue with members uploading Avatars to my server is that when they change & upload the next I end up with all these images taking up room that are no longer used or accessible
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