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  1. Could you add an option to where admins can choose weather people can use the Video ID only or the Playlist ID only? =] My reason for asking is because Playlist ID videos are not showing up.. Like.. The player is there... But video just wont load for some reason.. Thanks for considering =]
  2. This is a good idea! I like the full set up of what you've done with this hook and as soon as I get money in my pocket I'm gunna purchase, no doubt! Good job as always man =]
  3. A44


    Looks good man! But I think I'll let a bit more progress take place before purchase =]
  4. Oh wow! This is really cool, and definitely something that's been needed for a long time! I was wondering if you might be able to add a couple feature suggestions I have for this maybe? FEATURE SUGGESTIONS: - A specific member group can not pm a certain person, unless they have a certain amount of post. (Ex: Members can not pm $member_name$, unless they have $post_number$) - Member group can send limited amounts of pm's a day. Hope you like the feature suggestions =]
  5. Looks like it's already been changed =] So I only suppose that was you or someone on the team =] So thank you whoever it might of been <3 And thank you for letting me know how to fix this, and adding it as a fix for the new build.
  6. Hey with the Maxx skin for a site I manage.. It's being very weird with the redirect page. And I was wondering if you might be able to help me fix the issue?
  7. I think this would be awesome if it had variables that you could add in like.. "%post_name%" to grab the name of the actual post that the guest was trying to read. Over all great idea and awesome hook dude =] Thanks so much for making this.
  8. Thank you so much! That was indeed the problem.
  9. I've tried to create a member account on the ibparcade site.. And it keeps saying I'm using an e-mail not supported by their site.. But it's like.. an @ymail.com email address lol, so.. Idk what the heck's wrong with that email haha. Uhmm.. If anyone has any insight on this for me, it would be great to hear from someone on how to get this sorted <3
  10. Why do I have a pending invoice for this? I've paid for this hook.. And now it says I have a pending invoice?
  11. This seems like an amazing hook! I believe people in my community will find great enjoyment and easy access to forum areas with this hook. Thank you so much. I realized that this is a fairly new hook, so there are some bugs that I would like to bring to your attention. On upload there were a few missing images which I'm sure by now you are aware of. Also on hover for "Topics I've participated in:" it displays something in Russian. My forum being an english based forum.. If it's not too much to ask could that be translated over to English please? I also have some suggestions that others might like to have added to this hook as well. I think it would be cool to have an option in the settings for displaying online members at the front of the list of people, or only online members. Also a higher max number of members who are displayed would be nice, or the choice of having how many member pictures are displayed would be nice. Thank you once again for making such a great hook =]
  12. If there was an option to shuffle through the videos that you are playing that would be a really cool feature.
  13. I've figured out the problem for this. For whatever reason.. The second time I had uploaded the Social Groups app it didn't install the hooks. So I went to ACP -> Manage Hooks -> Reimport Applications Hooks, and it worked =] Sounds like you either need to add some moderators to approve your social groups (Admin CP -> Other Apps -> Social Groups -> Moderators). Or you might have to turn require group approval off (ACP -> System Settings -> Social Groups -> Global Settings -> "Require Group Approval" -> No: to disable)
  14. I'm having issues with my social group application.. It doesn't seem to be displaying certain things correctly. I hope you can help out with this issue.. Attached is a picture of what it's doing.
  15. Thank you so much! =D That worked perfectly!
  16. Hey Mike, I've just re-purchased your contact system and I love it! But there is only one glitchy bit to it after I put it back up.. The content is not putting in the line breaks.. So it's appearing like this Runescape Name: : testAge: : testTime Zone: : testWill you be posting actively?: : YesHow many post do you have?: : testRoughly how many hours could you dedicate to MyRuneLog per day?: 1 to 2Skype Name:: testMSN: : testP2P or F2P?: P2PHow's your spelling & grammar?: BadAre you willing to take part in a quiz given by the Content Team?:: YesAre you willing to review old content for errors?: : YesHow often would you be able to generate new content?: : testWhy should we accept you to the Content Team?: : testExtra comments: test Would be great if you know how to fix this <3 And thank you for making such a great system! =]
  17. Yea.. It don't got no errors now.. But the "Last Active" area is still not showing any of the times that people last logged in.
  18. Thank you so much =] I'll be looking forward to the update
  19. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /*MyPath*/forum/admin/applications_addon/other/cmtp/sources/cmtp.php on line 457 I'm getting this error.. And I was wondering if there was any way that I could fix it?
  20. A44

    Members Online Today

    Dang = Cause I've tried that a few times too... I've redownloaded from Marketplace, I've reinstalled a few times... I really love this hook and it fills up the forums nicely with some good info... But no worries I guess. Thank you for the awesome hooks man =]
  21. A44

    Members Online Today

    Yup, I have, all of them are set up to where everyone can see the hook except for banned members and "Show the list of Members Online Today?" is checked to yes, like... everything is set up it's just not showing up unfortunately
  22. A44

    Members Online Today

    I love your modifications for the forums, and I most especially love this one... But for some reason it isn't showing up at all on my new forums for IPB 3.2... I downloaded the correct one, but it just does not show up. Is there any problems that you can think of that would cause this? My Forums: http://myrunelog.com/forums/
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