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  1. 3.4.0 beta?

    Is there a summary post that includes a summary of all the new features and improvements? Could someone link me if so? thanks in advance.
  2. Please provide an extra field that is dedicated to defining exactly what the reason is. For example, if I warn a user for a Signature Violation - what does that mean? Allow us to define the reason clearly in a saved field that the user can reference when they receive a warning.
  3. Please allow us to save a default message to members and message to moderators for each reason.
  4. Login problems

    Does this affect Facebook Login? I am having trouble there...
  5. Mentions

    Has IPS considered offering mention support for IP.Board or any other addon? For example, it would be great if I could @bfarber or @Matt so they would get a notification about this message. Instead, I have to go PM or drop a link on their profile feed to this thread.
  6. I cannot use IP.Calendar until it supports location filtering capability. We have members all across the United States that post events in our forums and I would love to relocate the event listings to the Calendar, but it would be an absolute mess for users looking for events in their area. Ideally, it would be nice if each event had a street address and the user could filter events by mileage. For example: show me events within 25 miles of Raleigh, NC. See my current Events Forum: http://www.genxglow.com/forum/25-upcoming-events-forum/
  7. The current system for permissions and usergroups is a complete mess. It is extremely confusing and I don't really understand why these settings are separated to begin with. Please consider merging the permission and usergroup setting areas!
  8. My website could really benefit from a menu manager to help with customizing the menu items in the header navigation. Please consider adding such functionality. Thanks!
  9. Some Tagging Feedback and Questions

    I would also like to add the following suggestions:). [*]Forum Tag Settings: force user to use at least one tag, use only one tag, and force tag as prefix. [*]Option to RSS export threads from a specific forum, with a specific tag ( original suggestion thread
  10. I could really use the option to RSS export threads from a specific forum, with a specific tag.
  11. My website focuses around electronic dance music, including electronic dance music events. People from all over the United States visit our website looking for events to attend in their local area. At this point, we have been using a single forum to list all the events. With the announced forthcoming new features for Calendar, I am considering switching our current forum setup into to calendars. The only way I see this working right now is to create 50 separate calendars, one for each state. Thinking from the user's point-of-view, who just wants to see events in their area - this does not seem like a very friendly way of presenting events to them. They first have to visit the Calendar page, scrolling through all the calendars to find their state's calendar. I think a better solution would be to have the user simply click the Calendar tab, and be presented with upcoming events in their immediate area. In order to do this, we would need to be able to know their current location and know the location of all the events in the calendar. I think the talented IPS developers could easily achieve this by utilizing the extensive venue database of Yahoo's Upcoming API. The user could then set their location within a profile field. The Upcoming API includes everything you need to allow a user to choose an event's venue and create one on the fly if it is not already in the database. Another option could be checked to bypass this, if it was an online event or some sort of event without a location. Without getting too technical in this post, I think IPS could easily address my problem with 50 calendars with integration of Yahoo's Upcoming API. PS: Another benefit would be event syndication through Yahoo's Upcoming website, and all of the websites that feed on their content (Google Search for example)...
  12. This is a really cool idea, maybe something worth a custom solution from IPS? Something more than a simple page displaying search results...
  13. MaxCDN Integration

    Hopefully MaxCDN will create something then, as it looks like IPS is not interested. bummer