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  1. One to One Chat - No Chatroom?

    You can try the http://avchat.im if you really want to see a chat that is made upon the technology behind Facebook's chat. You can try it and tell us what you think. And thank for the reply!
  2. One to One Chat - No Chatroom?

    Hello there, I wanted to let you know that we just released the IP.Board video chat application into the marketplace and we wanted to get some feedback on how the product can be improved . You can get a 15 day trial from our site (reference on the product page). From what I see until now, people say that's expensive, but we have put a lot of work into it and the updates keep coming once a month. So other that the money problem, what can you say about our product? What else do you want to see in it?
  3. File Name: AVChat 3 Video Chat Application for IP.Board File Submitter: naicuoctavian File Submitted: 02 Sep 2012 File Category: User and Social Engagement Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.1.x, IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x Add an amazing video chat to your IP.Board forum today! Increase members engagement and forum revenues with the AVChat Application for IP.Board 3. The AVChat Application for IP.Board 3 handles the integration between AVChat, our flagship video chat product and the IP.Board 3 forum software. Here's why thousands of customers use our video chat software: One to one, one to many and many to many public and private video chat Create & join multiple public and private rooms Rich text chat with emote icons, file transfer, image sharing and YouTube videos Support for private messages and direct access to the profile of the members Manage your user groups and give them the permissions that YOU want Boost up the engagement of users on your website and especially on your community The video chat is used as an incentive for free members to upgrade to a paid membership account after they get a glimpse of what they can do Excellent support for every client and frequent updates that puts the customer requests first Generate more revenue from ads and higher conversion rates: You can generate revenue from the site by showing ads around the video chat area. AdSense, banners, affiliate links, anything can be added! You can also generate revenue by making the video chat itself (or some of its features) available only to paying members, this will drive conversion rates up and thus subscriptions. Seamless members database integration: The AVChat Application for IP.Board integrates with your existing IP.Board web site and users database:Username integration: users will have the same username in the forum and in the video chat. Profile picture integration: the profile pictures on the forum are automatically used inside the video chat. Access profiles directly from the video chat: you can access the profiles of users directly from the video chat. Different features for different user groups, you can control the video chat features independently for each user group in IP. Board directly from the IP. Board Admin CP.. Easy to access: A link to the video chat is automatically inserted in the main menu. Simple install, It installs as any other IP.Board Application. Seamless looks & feel integration: The AVChat Application for IP.Board can be fully adjusted to match your IP.Board forum look and feel. Here’s some of what you can change:the size, the background image, the colors and fonts, the rounded corners, margins and paddings where the video chat opens: in a pop up or in line Platform independent (works with anything!) The AVChat Application works with IP.Board 3. AVChat is developed in Flash thus works on Windows, Mac Os and Linux. Pricing When purchasing from invisionpower.com (PayPal) you will get AVChat Lite ($130) and the AVChat Application for IP.Board ($49, handles the integration between AVChat and IP.Board). When you purchase you also get:3 months of free updates (we release about 1 update every month) 3 months of free support by email 1 free installation done by us (email support@nusofthq.com after purchase) After purchase, please send us an email at support@nusofthq.com with your Full Name and Order ID in order to get your private license key. We are working on an automatic system that would make this process more easy for you. Thank you for understanding! When purchasing from http://avchat.net/buy-now (Credit Card, Wire,PayPal) you can also choose other AVChat editions (Basic, Standard, Big, Unlimited). Try AVChat on IP.Board for free for 15 days: Use the form from our site ( www.avchat.net/integrations/ipboard ) to request a fully working 15 days trial of AVChat + the AVChat Application for IP.Board for your own web site. Online demos of AVChat and AVChat App for IP.Board: AVChat Standalone: http://avchat.net/demos/avchat30/ AVChat + AVChat App for IP.Board running on an IP.Board forum: http://nusofthq.com/....php?app=avchat3 Requirements:An IP.Board forum, A media server or media server hosting (Red5 , FMS, Wowza) Your web site users need Flash Player For more information, please visit : http://avchat.net/support/documentation#15 here to download this file
  4. Hi there, I was wondering if you know a good video chat solution for your IP.Board community? All answers are appreciated!