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  1. Right on.. what do you guys know about the Unreal Portal http://www.unreal-solutions.org/ ?
  2. Does IPB come with a portal or do I have to use something like Unreal Portal? I'm just very confused as I want to have news / articles on the home page www.macrumors.com and am trying to figure out the best solution before I spend money on IPB licenses. Help please!!!!
  3. Your site fanfocus.com is a lot of what I'm looking to have as the home page, except I would like to have recent "news" in the middle on the home page.... So I can't do that with just IP.Content? and I would need another addon?
  4. Ok if that is so I think I'm gonna give IPB a go for one of my upcoming sites. I just hope it's not difficult to make the main site into the news / articles with IP.Content
  5. IP.Content 2.1 Dev Update: Block Variable Help

    It looks difficult to add pages...
  6. the only thing with wordpress is that it won't EXACTLY match the styles of the forums... I'm looking for the style to be exactly the same all around from the main site page to the forum, etc..
  7. Wow that actually looks really nice, i love the integration. I would like to have pages like that along with having a main news page like that macrumors.com site... I guess that it capable with IP.Content?
  8. Is there an equivelent.

    so you can have a main "home" page display latest news content meanwhile maintaining the style of the forum?
  9. Is there an equivelent.

    I am wondering exactly this too. I am a vb user wanting to switch to IPB
  10. Ok so I want to start a forum site. Now I want to have articles and static pages. I want to have the forum skin be the exact same as my article and static pages. Can the site be setup where "Home" is the main page where these articles are being displayed, then when you go to forums the header / footer style stays exactly the same... so the whole style is constant throughout.. Like this site: www.macrumors.com Thanks in advance.
  11. I am quite impressed

    So I can add pages to the forum? See I want to have it at the forum header "home, members, custom page, custom page" and so on, can this happen?
  12. Learning how do do it

    I'm pretty sure IPB will do a free install for you when you purchase.
  13. I am quite impressed

    I'm confused as to how it works though. Is it a CMS? like vbulletins CMS? I want to have a main site, but I'm wondering how this thing works.
  14. I am quite impressed

    What does IP Content do anyways? Does it give you a main website?