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    The key and_x_more is wrong, the correct one would be: (e {# [?:mais]}) And in the admincp is missing some traditions for the nexus and some more in the public.
  1. Did you mean? Cache Settings & Tools >> Management >> Recache All or Look & Feel >> Template Tools >> Recache Skin Sets (All) I tried on both and not resolved. Sorry, is that I am a bit lost in the admincp functions ^^
  2. I have problems in hook, is giving: There Appears to be an error with the database. I've tried disconnecting all hook and connect only the hook of Relationship Status, but still the error when going to edit the status and when it goes on viewtopic
  3. Sorry not to be following the thread from the beginning, but I wonder if the Hook supports Icecast v2.x Thank you.
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