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    Real Hal9000 reacted to IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter for a file, IPBWI API v4 - extended edition   
    Important: Currently not compatible with IPS 4.3. For more details, see this topic:
    IPBWI API v4 brings single sign on and further bridge functionality to allow you building your own web applications based on PHP with IP.board 4.
    Welcome to IPBWI API v4 extended edition!
    Documentation and Help will be available on https://ipbwi.com shortly. Currently, we offer free email support for all purchasers!
    Follow IPBWI IP.board SSO on Facebook and Twitter!
    Current Features:
    Single Sign On (SSO) powered by IPS connect: fetchSalt login crossLogin logout register validate delete ban merge checkEmail checkName changeEmail changePassword changeName generateSalt encrypt_password Core Features powered by IPS REST API: members list info edit create delete posts list info edit create delete topics list info edit create delete Extended Features powered by IPS REST API: Hooks groups list info edit create delete forums list info edit create delete topics info posts reputation count user can give reputation check user has already given reputation check give reputation reports list info edit create delete menu list members member info by loginname member info by email-address member ban status update secondary member groups update member custom profile fields update member's photo via image URL update member's photo via image upload delete member's photo get reputation count get reputation last day won get reputation description get reputation image Allow custom Curl Options Custom SQL queries IPS.pages Databases list Records list info image delete create comments_list reviews_list Comments create delete info list update Reviews create delete info list update FAQ:
    Will there be new features added in near future?
    yes! We've already added many new features and we constantly insert new features based on our customer needs.
    Why should I pay so much for an API?
    Code quality of this API is high - we have invested thousands of hours and years of experience to align with IPS coding standards and follow their new framework in IPS 4. Each feature added is designed to be implemented as most update save and stable as possible - we want to create an API you can truely rely on.
    Is this API open source?
    Yes, from 14th of June 2018, it's released to GPL 3.
    Do my website/app need to be on the same server as IP.board?
    no, since IPBWI API v4, there is no local access to board files required anymore. We utilize the IPS connect and IPS Rest API services which allow to connect to IP.board. While IPS Rest API doesn't offer all features and endpoints required, you will need to install an IPBWI API application within IP.board to extend the IPS Rest API. This application is served with this package.
    Software Requirements
    PHP 7 IP.board 4.x
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