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  1. I sometimes find it hard to find skins or apps for my particular version of IPB in the marketplace, its often hard to tell just from the search page what version things will work with. I would like to suggest that as part of the client-side of the IPB system that we could 'register' the version of IPB (and add-on apps) that were using so that the marketplace would display only things that were compatible with the version your using. This will work even better when the 4.0 suite comes out and all the apps are on the same version number system.
  2. I just want to say one thing: PLEASE DONT PULL A VBULLETIN with the Suite 4.0 release. Make absolutely sure everything is done, make sure its all compatible with all its components and that it all works before you release it. I cant go through drama like that again.
  3. Its like any job, if the employee wants to cheat the system their going to find a way. But I think the sessions thing is a good way of automatically tracking it. There is going to have to be some manual clock-ins and outs though of course.
  4. I would like to make a suggestion for future versions: ADMIN OPTION -- I would love to see a time-clock option in the admin pannel for moderators so people who have paid staff who get an hourly wage can be properly tracked for the time they spend working on the site. It would really make my life easier if there was a better way to know how many hours my moderators are spending online and how much work they are actually doing on the site. Thanks!!!
  5. Bugs aren't fixed. Apps arent supported. The marketplace is a joke. Straight up. Here is how the marketplace actually works: I make a crappy app, I charge $10 for it, you buy it, then I dont support it nor will I fix it and by the time anybody has noticed Ive already made a few grand. Repeat. Im so over it. A few bad apples have ruined it for the rest of you. Im sure some of you support your apps and are decent coders, but the majority suck and its really too bad. because it hurts IPBoards reputation when you dont support your products or update them.
  6. I have noticed that many of the apps I have purchased lately from the marketplace dont work as described. They are not kept up to date, are missing features and files and the support is lack luster at best, if you can even get anybody to reply. I have realized that it might cost more to do it yourself, but at least youll know its going to work. I will not be buying anything from the mafrketplace on this site ever again. Im done with bad coders and cheap products.
  7. ok so the links are still broken, it doesnt make the %item_link% link to the item it goes to the profile and the profile link still doesnt work either. any body have a fix for this or know when this is planning on being fixed?
  8. In future versions can the Facebook share button at the bottom of post be set to allow posting to pages or your own timeline. Id like to post things to my page not my timeline.
  9. I got nothing but errors with this. When I went to install it, a screen full of database errors. And then half-way through installing it, database error. And now when I go to the admin and try and edit the settings: database error. Lame.
  10. Yeah but people are dumb and sometimes cant even figure out all the obvious things youve mentioned. But also, what if you dont want to have forum descriptions for sub-forums in a category but would rather have a top level description describing all the forums found in that section? Than what do you do?
  11. Is there a reason why you cant put a description for a category? If you can describe a forum, why not be able to describe a category as well? I think it would be useful sometimes, especially if your using the category as a container for subforums to be able to put a description at the top as if it were a forum.
  12. will you be able to have 2 columns for sub menus?
  13. is ipchat 1.4.0 only going to work on ipb 3.2+ ?
  14. I really dont like the way the documentation has been put into ip.content now. its horrible. i cant find what im looking for anymore. the least you could do is make the sub-categories vertically listed, listed like sub-forums is horribly hard to read. Nothing should be in a horizintal list ever (IMHO) columns and rows are easy to make and are easy on the eyes.
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