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  1. tomas.tomass

    Hide shoutbox on IP content

    Hi, another question from me :) I use IPB 3.2.0, IP content 2.2.1 and Sxoutbox 1.2.1. I have done these instructions to make my homepage but there is one problem for me - I use shoutbox to display in all applications in the header, but I dont want to display it in the homepage, only in some applications like forums & blogs. Can anybody help me with this problem? Thank you and apologize for bad English as I am not native speaker... Tomas
  2. tomas.tomass

    VIP video zone

    Hi, I have one problem which I cant solve with myself: I want put some videos on my website, but only for some members (VIP). I want to do that with IP content (write an article and put a video into it) and set up permissions but I do not know how to insert video in the article. I mean youtube is not good solution for that because anybody can see that video. If somebody can give me a hint how to do that, it would be very nice. Thanks, Tomas
  3. tomas.tomass

    12/24 Hour time format

    Thanks a lot!
  4. tomas.tomass

    12/24 Hour time format

    Hello, I want to change the time format from 12 hour to 24 hour, but cant find the relevant option in Admin. I am from Czech republic, so the 12hour format is not so popular here. Thanks for any advice! Tomas