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  1. My profile pic is from when I was 16, so awkward. Im 26 now and returning. Hi all.

  2. That's a loaded post ^ Im way more interested now to see the newest version.
  3. The only thing that bothers me is the grammar xD Im not big on the stuff usually but the bit under the comment should say "You, Him, Her, and X amount of people like this." not "You, Him, and Her, and X Amount of people like this." At least to me xD
  4. This is fantastic! Nice to see some work on IP.D!! I hope to see some more edits on the functionality like multi downloads and mirrors.
  5. This is great but its not in the side bar is there a mod just like this but for the sidebar yet?
  6. IPS and Customers: Help Development Discussion: http://tinyurl.com/ipsdev

  7. Im trying to see what you mean. I did two things.... 1. I took a group I made "General Mod" and I made that WHOLE group a moderator of the general discussion area. Then I added members as a "general mod" for their usergroup. But the group still didnt show up on the moderating team. 2. I made a general mod group for permissions but just made users a mod of the general area and it showed up as just moderator with a forums drop down showing what they mod. There is still no "General Mod" group in the moderating team page. I just cant get the custom groups to show up on the page. So not sur
  8. Hey, I did miss the file edits so now when I click the prefix it does show only those titles. However, all new threads when chosen to use the prefix isn't using them. I required all threads to use prefix but once you select it and click save, it resets it to "no prefix" Also the Prefix Force isnt working D:
  9. ###### I missed it... makes me want to wait a year to buy it >.<
  10. The file edits are done, but when I upgraded is it possible that the edits were removed? Ill double check to make sure. I used to work the first time I tried it but I just tried again and it didn't let me check and ill let you know
  11. I paid for this and its not even working o.o I click the prefix but its not showing only those... I am using 3.1.2 but it didnt work in .1 either.. :/
  12. The huge gaping hole because of the sidebar kinda annoys me XD

  13. Haha sorry I meant for Brian cause he is IPS staff xD but I understand what you mean.
  14. So I was checking through IPB settings to try and find something to edit the Moderating Team section of the forum... but I just cant find what I'm looking for... Is there a way to add groups to that list? For example it has Admins, S-mod, and Mods. But what if I make a mod group X for X forums. Such as "General Mod" for the general area of the board. Can I display General Mods in the moderating team? And to further this, can there be an option to allow secondary group users to be in each section. So if someone is a general mod and.. say entertainment mod, they are listed for each sectio
  15. This is amazing! I have one issue When IPS makes their prefix addition... will all threads using the prefixes and the whole system itself be integrated into theirs? I really dont want to lose all the work I will be putting into this mods system..
  16. is very impressed with IPS. They know how to treat their customers :)

    1. Wolfie


      They can treat me with Lindt Lindor Truffles

    2. Br4nd0nW


      That they do. I wish more companies would treat their customers like IPS does.

    3. Mousie


      If IPS was a phone company, I would have a lot less rage in my life. Trufax.

  17. can anyone help with this? *link in comment*

    1. Invisiοnist



  18. Loving the new design on the main. =p

  19. yes it would be, suggest it to more people and perhaps a mod coder will take the project :D
  20. Yeah its very similar but I dont want every section to be a new tab.. which is the only problem with that. =( Any coders willing to create something similar to vb's? I am willing to buy it =3
  21. So I was looking around IPB and I couldn't find a mod for it so I'm hoping IPB or some mod writer will be willing to create something like this. What I am looking for is something like the vBulletin's tabbed home ( http://www.bbwforums.net/forum/ ) except I think it would look best if you could have a set forum to remain on every page and then lower forums that are tabbed. Like this for example: FORUM INFO SECTION FORUM FEATURED AREA GENERAL AREA ENTERTAINMENT AREA ART AREA FORUM STAFF AREA would turn into: FORUM INFO SECTION FORUM FEATURED AREA GENERAL AREA TAB - ENTE
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