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  1. ProMenu Basic

    after I updated my pro menu it now only shows the "Help" application and i can't link to any other app that I have installed.
  2. [IPBLounge] Applications System

    outstanding! can't wait to install it.
  3. (DP33) Customize Posts

    with the recent IPB update this app breaks the mobile site, with it enabled none of the text is shown in the posts as soon as I disable the hook it works fine.
  4. [IPBLounge] Applications System

    Yeah thats the only issue I'm getting on 3.3.x also.
  5. [IPBLounge] Applications System

    Do you possibly have an estimate for the 3.3.x release?
  6. [IPBLounge] Applications System

    I have installed the new version and I love it so far except i'm having an issue when an application is submitted only the first question is recorded its as if the others were non existent.
  7. (DP33) Customize Posts

    Any chance that in later versions we will be able to set member group defaults and not allow them to change there own from the default?