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  1. Having issues with Global Sidebars/Advanced Adverts - I have a sidebar location that I want to have rotating ads on. Creating the template in Advanced Adverts, it works - all three ads rotate in a single location. However, I created a topic view sidebar in Global Sidebars and I want it to act the same way the index view (standard sidebar) works. I know that if I put the standard sidebar to show in topic view, it duplicates the index sidebar onto topic view, and yes, the ads rotate. But I have hooks on it (tags/recent topics) and those show up in the topic view sidebar I've created. However, I want the topic view sidebar to just have a rotating ad - I don't want the tags or the latest topics hook on there. And that's where I am confused; I cannot get the topic view sidebar I created in Global Sidebars to have rotating ads - it displays all three ads, on top of each other. If anyone has any insight, please help. **just realized that if a custom section could be made and inserted in Advanced Adverts, then that would solve the situation. Problem is I feel like that is beyond my realm. I'd want a topic view - sidebar section in which I could control which forums can display the ad.
  2. I'd like to see a Palm WebOS version as well.
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