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  1. What phone do you use?

    Xiaomi MI3
  2. WordPress IPSConnect

    Hi, I don't want to "push", but yeah...
  3. WordPress IPSConnect

    I have redownloaded your application and reuploaded both the ipb and the wp files - the error is still present.
  4. WordPress IPSConnect

    Hi, I have some issues with the WordPress plugin. 1. When I enable one of the forum widgets, I get ‘fatal error' messages (this is the one for the stats widget: Fatal error: Class 'wpXmlRpc' not found in/wp-content/plugins/ipsconnect/widgets/stats.php on line 55 ). 2. Comments sync does not work, neither from WP nor from IPB (xmlrpc is enabled; regarding to WP and IPB); but posting a WordPress article to IPB works 3. Avatars are displayed in the WordPress admin but not on the frontend :unsure: Any ideas? Thanks in advance :)
  5. WordPress IPSConnect

    Hi, I have some issues with this application. I have successfully configured and set up this application on both IPB and WordPress (the WP plugin). After enabling it, my users can't login in WordPress anymore, but they can't login in IPB too. Before setting up and enabling your application, I have imported all my forums/topics/members from my bbPress install into IPB. When I disable your WordPress plugin, my users can login in WordPress but not in IPB (I guess that's the fault of the importer). Any ideas? Might enabling WP plugin > sending all my users new passwort through IPB the solution?
  6. WordPress IPSConnect

    Hi, I have a question, since I'm quite new to this integration stuff. I have a WordPress website with a lot of user data. We were using bbpress, but I want to use my IPB as a forum, so this WordPress-IPSConnect sounds like the right thing for me. The only problem is, I have no idea what master and what slave should be. I guess WordPress is my master, but where do I get a master key?