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  1. Scared

    Change Post Author

    Hi I wanted to know if it is compatible with ipb 3.3.4? thanks
  2. Scared

    [HQ] Automatic Topics List

    is okay no hurry thank you
  3. Scared

    [HQ] Automatic Topics List

    exactly what I meant
  4. Scared

    [HQ] Automatic Topics List

    Hi DawPi Congratulations on this app. I wanted to ask if there was a way to post the bar with the letters from the left edge to the top line under the voice to say "List Topics from Forum:" Thanks.
  5. Scared

    help to Ip.Chat white Screen

    I expressed myself badly my English is very poor I mean the Ip.chat meant the voice chat button to enter the chat
  6. Hello I have a problem I've followed all the instructions perfectly except that when I put the group that needs access to the chat and I go to click the voice chat gives me a white screen I use the IP.Board 3.0.5
  7. Scared


    Hi I bought the standard license ipb what do I do now to be enabled to forum to download invision power board and the rest of the mod? Thanks