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  1. Since IP.SEO is terrible and doesn't even make proper sitemaps (only includes less than 5% of my threads....wtf?!), I want to go back to using IceLabz but the forums do not work and the admin doesn't answer his emails. We need to know if this is going to be updated for 3.2 as I don't have trust in IP.SEO...not unless someone starts fixing it and turns it into a quality product (which it is far from that at this current place and time).

    Yea i tend to agree, but it's pretty obvious this mod is dead. The website is down.
  2. I added a bug to your tracker (with the help of invision support). If you use shout box and nexus with ssl there is an infinite loop on the Billing Information screen. As soon as you disable the shout box hook (global) it goes away.

  3. I'm a lifetime license holder. I really don't see the issue to be honest. When we bought the license there was nothing that accessed their servers. IE spam monitoring, visual editor, etc... While it would certainly be nice to have these features, there's really no way we could expect them to offer us services that require their servers.

    So far we haven't been blocked from or asked to pay for anything that is necessary to run the latest software. Just MO.

  4. got an error after upgrading:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method output::isSmallTouchDevice() in /public_html/admin/sources/classes/editor/composite.php on line 301

    can you help? it happend after 12 steps..

    Same error, running 3.2 release.

  5. Its where you can find all kinds of resources for your IPB and all other IP applications. (ie: gallery, blogs, downloads, content, nexus, etc. etc.)

    There are free items and items you may have to pay for in there. There is everything from small hooks to major component add-ons and skins to change the look of your IPB, etc. :thumbsup:

    I see it replaces the resources. Is this going to be a paid application in the future?

    I like it, it's very App Store esq. LOL

  6. Not to be rude, but iArcade has been developed from the ground up, and I'm sure its backed up by many users here, we even have the respect from the creators of ibpArcade.

    iArcade is "real", and if you haven't noticed, its still in RC stages so there will be a few glitches here and there.

    Please don't dis-respect us if you can't get it to work, although we are here to help as much as we can, and we do not get paid for this.

    well said.
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