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  1. I would have thought logically if that happened IP.Board would just pick something random like their Facebook Nickname, then their Facebook name if taken, or then their Facebook ID (same with Twitter) in that order. Then allow them to change it once afterwards.
  2. Heh, still about nowadays (haha)

  3. Opening up the hosting

    I agree with this but I would rather see it opened to more options. I would love to pay a one time fee (or even a 6 month fee) to have IP.Chat that integrates with a IRC server instead .
  4. April Desktops!

  5. Had a booboo with phpMyAdmin ~ LOL

  6. Ddos protection?

    Then hope IP.Services have DDOS protection ;) Although that is a good question. What's IP.Services policy with DDOS attacks on their forum hosting service anyway ?
  7. Changing IPB Home Page

    I think what the user is trying to say is how can IP.Content be made into the default page rather then the forums.
  8. BurstNET down AGAIN ?

  9. Once again, hates anything that is Ioncube encoded.

    1. Snatty


      Just adding onto that, it wasn't IP.Converge I was moaning about - Promise :P

  10. I do have to say, the more I use IPB 3.1, the more I am impressed. Still, can't see time travel options...

  11. Ahh yes custom profiles. Now all my members can make my site look like MySpace >.<

  12. IP.Board 3.1 = Duke Nukem Forver :P

  13. Ahh right. Right so far, IP.Content seems to do everything I need it to do which is ideal. Now it is just a matter of getting the hang with IP.Content and then all set to go. Thanks bfarber :thumbsup:
  14. ... right okay. I was under the impression that IP.Content didn't need IP.Board to work. Right, well moving my website all onto one system won't be an issue the only issue would be could I still run the forum as jac.snat.co.uk rather then something like snat.co.uk/forums. Well I am guessing the only options would be right now to pay for a licence and just have a mess about and see if I can get it working and if not then scrap the idea.