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  1. Before the upgrade to 4.2 there was a navigation button next and previous buttons on the top and bottom of my tickets. Now the area has been removed at the top and only kept at the bottom. Ticket2.jpg. If I have a long ticket and want to go to the next one or previous I have to go back to the main listing of a ticket to go to the next one or scroll to the bottom of the page to click the bottom to get to the next or previous tickets. If you have a long ticket it sort of makes no sense to scroll down to get to the next or previous buttons on the bottom of the page. In Ticket1.jpg I photoshop the button back in. I would like to request to restore some type of top navigation of the ticket before the change, back into IP.eCommercrce | Nexus. @bfarber Just thought it may be helpful, small fix.
  2. The main issue I still have problems understand is the disconnection between Nexus/Commerce and Content/Pages. There are some guides but there is no follow up Q&A to attach to it and expand the help sections. Thus why there so little to nill of content for it out there even on the market place (note this is how I see) of share ideas databases and such. If there was more of a push from the Invasion Power to not just make the platform for it but put stuff out that (even not support but with a detail guide) to allow people to download and expand more examples of what can be done with the software were. For this I'm thinking more Content/Pages, give more stuff in the customer to understand and play with. I think if three projects can be put out for people to play with in terms if it already built people can expand more on the make and share with other to jump start community. Current it pretty dead section of what can be a good product. Even offer the extra details for pay I be glad to do it with a teacher to learn how it works more the current tutorials okay but can be improve upon massive.
  3. OMG yes, I won't this would be hard to make as it just being a random block of pics. I hope so. My question to the team is why ues " %n" was there other way to just click a box and the system auto do it?
  4. I was speaking about in December when it lapse some. Putting it out for people to know about it all areas AKA main feeds would do it well than there intended audiences. As you can't say whom is and is not. I use it for a while and was going to use it again as for the first time it didn't work for what I needed, things do change.
  5. I was planing on using chat but had it install but not active. So if I was using the chat I would have seen it yes. As I already had everything install all I would have to do it turn it on and use it. Are if I was not using the free version yes that as well I would have seen something. I won't be searching for Chat information are looking for it if I have it install already and no problems was happening yet, if I had problem I would check the help doc first, then I would have see it there. The main stream point I'm trying to bring to light is that the post that you made was behind an active forum licence area (or no up pin for notice to user) and not posted in a public location. IPS is a great application and I enjoy using it very much. It just when I find out a post that has something to do with a main application of the software and it not posted in a location one would clearly see may; be cause to look at the issue a little bit. Getting the word out to the customer base via the all ways would have been more helpfully. i.e. New/Blogs post, Twitter, Admin Control Notice Area, etc. It was currently deactivated and was not in use at the time. As the need for it was getting more I was had some plans to use it with a project. The main avenues for announcements are new I didn't see so that what I was getting at. Blogs/News/ Twitter etc. Yes I would agree about the owner part yes, but not like a hawk, I do have subs to RSS feeds. But a main announcement on EOL or ending this xyz should be main in the main ways they been doing for IPS 4.2, so all can see and read about it. Plus the Admin Control Panel for announcements is an more than ideal place to make sure owners know of what happeing. As for the primary URL, not needed when you already have it the software to run it. If one us interested to learn more about what is there and stuff than yes.
  6. This was in the Client Lounge, if you don't have an active licence it will be hard to see this. Not the best place to post news don't you think as everybody don't visit the forums. As I visit a few times are it goes on a dry spell, it being posted in places where I do see it RSS feeds, news announcements and IPS News Block on the IPB Admin Control panel would have been a better way to get it out to people. A forums section only for paying members to see would be not the best idea to share something that is important to all members paying are not.
  7. I was just looking over the forums and found a title that was like, "huh?" When I went to it and than saw the news I was a little shock that I counld't find any announcement in the news section, my feeds I get for news from IPB, are an email of any type that that IPS was discontinuing IP.Chat https://invisionpower.com/news/ I had to open a ticket to confirm it was going away and get a link to the site --> https://invisionpower.com/ips-chat/ I was planning on using it in an idea I was setting up for. But from what I gather from my ticket, it was posted in December and only in the chat itself and on this URL above. The whole of December 2016 was this post. It the whole IPS has been getting better to improve it communication but some more improvements could work. Yes, stuff like this should be made News to customers whom are not around the forums all the time. I found this out while running a post about it from another user. Thanks for listening.
  8. (however, Commerce purchases that only adjust secondary groups will not exclude users from being checked by group promotion rules). Why is this? Something keeping the user as "Member" than they buy something change them so they get access to "content" than when it up it best to change it back to none. So using the secondary groups would very well but it being over written by this seems a little odd. Why not allow a box are something to be over look from Nexus so that it can work more with peoples systems?
  9. Would it be possible to keep the current way of how embed links works than changing to the new system per the Admin|Owner wishes? Are this is a force change and can't be choose by the Admin|Owner when the system is upgraded?
  10. Can you make the video bigger, I can't hardly see a thing in it. It so darn small.
  11. I think it more on the Admin side, base off the screen shots.
  12. Sometimes they can ask for logs and such but that all given via the tickets. As this forms is for Feedback and not the community it best to post it in the community area.
  13. Yes, you can sell them you just have to set it up.
  14. It may be best to sent a ticket in so IPB can look at the issue in more details. This form is mostly for giving feedback on the topic.
  15. @Mark There nothing else coming out for 4.2??
  16. That what I said, if it just a handle I can see some use for it, but mostly I side with just keeping it out.
  17. This is a neat idea, but I think for privately reason it should stay to a mod than built in to the core. This is my personal view point for being an Admin.
  18. Are there more Nexus stuff coming are is this just it? I hope there more.
  19. Correct-o but you could turn on the cart function if you want to. I isay go ahead and try playing with Nexus to see. End of Line.
  20. Nice improvements. Has there been a way to address of seeing a person's albums from with in the Gallery section than from going to the user profile than to the gallery to see everything have have? AKA listing of user's albums from with in Gallery?
  21. Maybe if each vendor can sell with in the Nexus area and have it sorted via that it may could work. I think your using downloads differently than what is should work. I think the setup you wan it more toward the Nexus area. I do know it not just a simple add a cart to Downloads and it works. Have you thought about moving your stuff towards Nexus and set it up to work the way you have Downloads work, just a thought? Check out the market here, that what I mean.
  22. @Charles Are these still being looked at to be put in to effect if its on your road map from November?
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