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  1. Hello, It is possible to have multiple IPB forum with same user database? Example 1: Forum A : www.exampleA.com Forum B : www.exampleB.com So I'm old forum member of exampleA.com and when I want to login exampleB.com I can just use exampleA.com username and password , also when user register in exampleB.com his account will automatically added to exampleA.com. Something like combine the total user number. Example 2: It is possible to have www.exampleA.com and ​ www.exampleA.com shared the same post count , user login , password , but different forum. so user post in www.exampleB.com his post count will increase in www.exampleA.com too
  2. Notification when someone add your name

    yup... good idea... when someone add you or reply your topic it will come out notification on the left side corner..
  3. @Michael : Thanks for you reply ^^ Hope IPB will add CDN function in IPB 3.2 :rofl: and also microdata
  4. Why cant IPB provide IPB HTML Minify ? (there are only JS and CCS minify right now) When you press Ctrl + U you can see that IPB forum html have many white spaces ... if there are option to enable HTML Minify this will save some page loading time too.