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  1. I can not get this program to install and work on my forum. I am using 3.4.6
  2. Chocolate Chip it is... :drool:
  3. Thank you Pete. I owe you when I bake my next batch of cookie. :)
  4. There are only 4 hooks in the folder. I also downloaded the shout from here again. Still only 4 downloaded. I did have a problem with the machine asking if I wanted to download unscripted files.
  5. Thank you for your quick response. The globale hook is not there.
  6. Can you tell me how to put the shoutbox at the bottom on 3.4 board ? Thank you
  7. I keep getting this error when I try to set up awards Fatal error: Call to a member function category_row_start() on a non-object in /home3/conknet/public_html/forums/admin/applications_addon/other/jawards/modules_public/awards/awards.php on line 194
  8. Hello, I can't seem to get badges uploaded. Where do I upload the badges - It says in hooks, however I have no xml file
  9. Sent you a PM...
  10. I tried to upload the awards yesterday, apparently I did it totally wrong. I can not find the awards in ACP. Do you offer uploading?
  11. That you very much Pete. I'm making breads today. When I do cookies, I'll have to make a batch for you. :smile:
  12. Just recashed the skins. It didn't work. I am wondering if this just does not work on the 3.4.6 Although I did see it working on IPSkins
  13. UPDATE: I reinstaled the SB, set all the permissions. Still no one can post. I can't figure out what the problem is. None of the buttons work. IE: shout, clear, refresh, smilies & my prefs
  14. I did that also, I am going to re load the SB into the forum again today. Hopefully I can get it working.
  15. I did add the permissions .
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